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Any good business ideas - what Poland needs?

NomadatNet 1 | 457
11 Jan 2011 #61
Kitchen utensils such spoons, forks, knive, plates and glasses.
An example,, an 250 years old company.
Contact president.
aminzaved - | 2
7 Feb 2011 #62
i am Amin from Bangladesh .i live in torun , where u living and where u really want some bussiness? please then contact with me we may talk and find out my

love_sunil80 14 | 127
4 Jan 2012 #63
you will most likely be shocked by the blindness and bureaucracy that you will find while trying to set up business in PL, as foreigner.

I dont have problems setting up a company here as I already have one, My wife is Polish and I am married here since almost 3 years so I know a lot about bureaucracy here :)
10 Jan 2012 #64
Merged: What business can be good in Poland?

I am foreigner with basic knowledge of Polish. I want to settle down in Poland with my wife and kid. We have limited funds with us and we want to start some business. Can anyone suggest what business is good to start with. Your suggestions are most welcome.

Best regards
Midas 1 | 571
10 Jan 2012 #65
But you can probably try to open a kebab stand ( that's what most "foreigners with limited funds who want to stay in Poland" ) do.
Wroclaw Boy
10 Jan 2012 #66
Persoanlly ive always liked the idea of opening up a garage that only specialises in brakes, exhausts and shocks. Tyres would also be an obvious choice but there are millions of Opony guys around already.

If you only specialise in the common parts of a car that need replacing and master a quick turn around i think it would do well. Just look at how succesful similar companies in the UK have been.
love_sunil80 14 | 127
11 Jan 2012 #67
But you can probably try to open a kebab stand

Kebabs are too many everywhere and not advisable i guess.
11 Jan 2012 #68
Indian restaurant. Especially one which can deliver in under an hour.
love_sunil80 14 | 127
11 Jan 2012 #69
Good suggestion but I guess restaurant business is not this easy it requires a good cook and man power. Indian take away and delivery at home is good idea though.

Maybe import some products from India, some natural stuff which is hard to find in Poland and Europe.
11 Jan 2012 #70
The problem there is that there isn't really much demand for it.
pip 10 | 1,658
11 Jan 2012 #71
ok, all joking aside- open a fabric store. I don't mean one that only sells wholesale. I mean a proper western style fabric store that stocks all kinds of fabric from dressmakers, home furnishing and crafting fabric. And- sell the fabric by the metre!!! I will be your first customer and I will buy lots and lots of fabric.

There is nothing like this in Poland. If you are Indian- you already have an inside scoop with fabric distributers. There is only something like Ikea but the fabric is easily recognized as Ikea or Leroy Merlin which doesn't have the nicest and then there are shops that sell but it is about 300 per metre.

People are interested in crafts and sewing and doing home renovations but there is no good fabric store in all of Poland.
love_sunil80 14 | 127
11 Jan 2012 #72
We are Indian manufacturers of Dress Shirt and formal pant. We buy bulk quantity of fabrics for clothing direct from the manufacturers. If you looking for fabrics in bulk for clothing you can get in touch with me. I can help you to get at best rates.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
11 Jan 2012 #73
There is nothing like this in Poland.

erm! there are quite a few places of this type in wroclaw.
pip 10 | 1,658
11 Jan 2012 #74
there is no place in Warsaw where I can go into a shop and by two or three metres of home decor fabric. I do not want dress makers fabric. There are only places run by Indians where I can buy wholesale dressmakers fabrics - minimum 25 metres. I want home decor fabrics. I don't want what Ikea has because, well- it is Ikea. I want the same price as Ikea but different styles- much like the stores in the west.

I also don't mean a fabric store where you can only by based on a 50cm square and then you have to wait 4 weeks for it to arrive. I want to buy it when I go in to the store.

If you could give me any information about these stores in Wroclaw I would really appreciate it.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
11 Jan 2012 #75
most of these stores/shops are actually quite little. i sometimes have reason to buy up to 6m lengths. problem is the width, which is never more than 1m 50cm. i usually buy near home so can't offer much about other shops. however, feniks in rynek might have something on one of its floors.
mauritius_2302 8 | 21
11 Jan 2012 #76
My friend is considering opening a college in Poland.

I don't really understand! I would be very grateful if you could clarify this mate! Are you looking for ideas or is it for ur friend?

I am really confused!

but believe me if someone got any idea they won't share it! Because why to make someone else make money on my idea! Unless you pay me for that! As I have two prepared plans for business in Poland (Poznan)! I can sell the hard copy to you legally!
love_sunil80 14 | 127
11 Jan 2012 #77
I am not looking for a business Plan :) I am sure you have put in lot of efforts to make this business Plan, I am just look for ideas and suggestions, cheers bro :)
Havok 10 | 903
11 Jan 2012 #78

I think you should start a real estate business. One of our valued members on this forum was quite successful in buying a few sheds in Poland and turning them into 12th century medieval castles with fully operational moats. People tend to steal stuff a lot in PL :( so moats are popular for an obvious reason.

He made enough money to start a Jet Ski rental business in Libya but unfortunately the Jet Ski got confiscated by a group of rebels during the final charge on Gaddafi's headquarters a few moths ago. Small world, anyway, the real estate is the way to go, or better yet, start a 7/11 chain, you can't go wrong with that.

Best of luck.
Wroclaw Boy
11 Jan 2012 #79
This loser above had to actually leave Poland to make any money, in fact he joined the army of another country.

We call him the superior Pole, He likes to think hes better than everybody else.
Havok 10 | 903
12 Jan 2012 #80
I wasn't talking to you a$shole. Jeez some people are so rude on this forum.

anyway, so how is your castle coming along, WB? Perhaps you should think about getting a few English long-bowmen back from home to man the walls. It would add some authenticity to the whole thing, or you could hire someone from India to do that, either way. Indians are cheaper though, and not as lazy, so you know. Hmm, I've heard OP is looking for a job in PL. He's Indian. Here, a 4 step business idea for you:

1) Build an English medieval castle in Poland
2) Men the walls
3) Declare yourself a King of all villages of Wroclaw.
4) Profit :)
rt3d 10 | 46
12 Jan 2012 #81
Its amazing when a new/intresting topic begins, it all kicksoff
with such fantastic insults, towards the end,
well i guess it provides such intresting reading..
pip 10 | 1,658
12 Jan 2012 #82
if there is anybody with home decor fabrics- then I will contact you. I do not want dress makers fabric.
love_sunil80 14 | 127
12 Jan 2012 #83
What quantity are you looking for? can u show me some pic for I can get rough idea of colors and style.
pip 10 | 1,658
12 Jan 2012 #84
quantity depends on the price.
I am looking for materials like the below links.

100% cotton and heavier than dressmakers cotton. Used for curtains and also upholstered furniture and sewing projects such as pillows and duvets and quilts.
love_sunil80 14 | 127
13 Jan 2012 #85
quantity depends on the price.

Prices starts arround 15zl minimum in India from a normal retailer plus cost of transport and taxes. I dont know if it would be worth bringing here or just buy from ikea or some other shops.
pip 10 | 1,658
13 Jan 2012 #86
ok so for example if I wanted to buy 40 rolls and each roll had 25 to 30 metres on it- is this not possible? Why is it possible for every other country in the world but not Poland? or at least Warsaw. I don't understand it.
7 Sep 2013 #87
Hi to all friends
Mobile hardware and software business
I live in warsawa and I have experience about mobile hardwaring and softwaring (Mobile unlocking ).
Some one can help me if I start a small type stall in any good location like ZALOTHY TRASE. It will run good there or not.

Like mobile and computer accessories
sale and purchase of mobiles
Mobile reparing and B all phones
mobile topup etc...... please share your comments
8 Sep 2013 #88
jamshaidakhtar you are about 5 years late unless you do the illegal unlocks as we all know how to google and do the unlocking for free if you can unbar imei blocked phones then all day long we can be in buisness
ufo973 10 | 88
8 Jan 2015 #89
Let's bring this old thread alive:) How much Polish market has changed? any new business ideas/demands?

Kebab was a very quick money in Poland few years back. I know many people who made lots of $$$$ with it. but now it has changed.

I can't find any new business ideas...
JollyRomek 7 | 461
8 Jan 2015 #90
Kebab was a very quick money in Poland few years back

Kebabs are still going well in Poland, but there are just too many Kebab places. In 2012 / 13 i lived 2 minute walk from the Rynek in Krakow. In my street alone, there were 5 kebab places. Needless to say that the braniac who opened the 6th one did not last too long.

In Lodz, the "Kebab House" on Piotrkowska is constantly busy. I can only assume that they are still making a fortune.

What does Poland need? Well, what doesn't it need? It seems to me that many pepople focus on what they see when they visit Poland i.e. busy Irish Pubs or Hostels and suddenly they believe that they can also do it and make it, without thinking it through properly.

It is not difficult to open and run a succesful business if you are creative and determined enough. But Poland, just like any other country, is not a place where people who have no sense of business go and still make it. If you can not run a creative and successful business in your own country, you will most likely fail in Poland too.

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