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Getting loan, overdraft or credit card in Poland

SSSireland 2 | 5
24 Nov 2016 #1
Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on getting either a loan, overdraft or credit card in Poland?
I've been registered here for 2.5 years, I have a one person company so I have an address as well as PESEL, NIP, REGON.
I have a bank account with a yearly salary between 50 and 60,000pln but my bank refused a credit card with a limit of 5000 and and recently an overdraft of 2000.

Even though they told me 100% for the credit card at the last minute they had to refuse because I don't have a Polish ID.

Anyone have any ideas?
istannbullu34 1 | 105
24 Nov 2016 #2

So you do not have residence permit here in Poland? If you have that should not be a problem, if not, it might be an issue but not 100 percent sure.

You can talk to a different bank like Millennium, I was able to get credit and credit card as well with a temporary residence.
OP SSSireland 2 | 5
24 Nov 2016 #3
Yes I have temporary residence also. Wow that's great to hear, I'll call into them asap.
Did you have an account there already? I'm with Alior bank and they can't help me.
When you say you got credit, do you mean mortgage or loan?
istannbullu34 1 | 105
25 Nov 2016 #4

I got loan - a small amount relatively around 20k but i was told that they were able to give me around 35k without providing any extra documents but this was because i had my account in millennium for 2 years already and my salary is transferred there

Right now i am receiving offeers for 40-50 k cash loan

Do not want to be seen like advertising - just to help you , you can also open a checking account and do not pay anything for account atm card or transfers if you put at least 1k to the account every month ( juat for pln) i would go to a branch give them my residence card and see what they would give if i were you - would be the best if your card is valid for 2-3 years
OP SSSireland 2 | 5
25 Nov 2016 #5
I think it's time for me to switch banks ;)
Thanks so much for the information, I'm going to go speak with them on Monday.

My "card" is just a piece of paper entitled "zaƛwiadczenie o zarejestrowaniu pobytu obywatela unii europejskiej"
It has no expiry date, only the registration date.
Vaishvi - | 1
22 Feb 2019 #7

Possibility of loan or credit in Poland

Hey guys, I have been in Poland since 2017 November as a student and have applied for student trc in October 2018. I had rough time after I applied for visa extension and lost my job and have recently started again. So I literally broke right now and in a desperate in need of money only for lawyers fees and documents for insurance, bank statement etc.. I know I am ineligible for loan as I do not have clear visa status. I have account in millenium bank and was wondering if it's possible to get a credit card..? If not then are there any other sources for credit official or unofficial..? The amount I need is less than 2000pln. Any suggestions..? I have only 12 days to arrange all this and have to go the immigration office to submit the docs.
lul bul - | 48
22 Feb 2019 #8
There are some loan sharks I heard in Warsaw I think Armenians?Russians who charge 3 to 5% A MONTH(36 to 60% a year).

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