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Getting EKUZ/EHIC card for university if no Poland residence?

20 Sep 2013 #1
Hi, I live in Poland for the last ten year but moved back to the US now for this year. (I hold both citizenships) I want to study in Scotland next year and don't know how someone like me with no residence in Poland could get the EKUZ/EHIC card thats for students in the EU. I know that other people I know who have gone to study in other countries in the EU got their cards in Poland to take to the other countries, but I don't know if I will be able to. Does anyone know if I'd be entitled to the card? Thank you in advance!
kpc21 1 | 763
20 Sep 2013 #2
To get EKUZ you must have health insurance in Poland - if a member of your family (parent, grandparent, spouse) work in Poland and you are 26 years old or younger, he/she can register you with his/her state insurance.

In Poland if you don't have members of family entitled to state health insurance, you can be registered by your university - maybe in Scotland the situation is similiar.
20 Sep 2013 #3
You have to be resident in the UK to apply for this, EU/EEA and Swiss nationals can apply for it but only if their main residence is in the UK.

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