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Free movement of work in EU for non EU resident (Russian) livening in Poland and married to a Pole

25 Aug 2016 #1
i am non EU resident (Russian) livening in Poland, based on marriage to my Polish wife. I currently have a one year karta pobity. This allows me to work in Poland, although I'm informed I am disqualified from working from Poland. As a qualified marine engineer working in the oil and gas sector for the past 8 years,my contracts are mostly off shore. I have been offered a position by a Polish company, then later informed that the legal department advised that I am only allowed to work inside the territory of Poland, not from Poland,paying my taxes here. I have done y own erase arch as the lawyers I Have spoken to here in Poland seem some what confused. My research informed me that under Surinder singh EU rule As the spouse of a Polish citizen I have the same entitlement of freedom of travel to work in EU as my wife. I would like to know if any one is experienced of working from Poland as non EU traveling on contract for their polish employers with in EU and outside. I very much appreciate of your feedback.
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2 Sep 2016 #2
As far I know being a resident of Poland doesn't entitle a non-EU citizen to work in the EU area. Only EU passport holder can enter Schengen and work without permit there. Even those who have work visa in Poland are only allowed to have a job in this country. You may enter Schengen area for the period up to 90 days, but there's no "free movement of work in EU" for you yet. Sorry.

Home / Law / Free movement of work in EU for non EU resident (Russian) livening in Poland and married to a Pole
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