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File complaint against Poland's police

delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
15 Mar 2016 #91
As much as Delph can be a right scumbag i must admit he's quite good with giving advice from legal aspects.

I don't want to share it without Adrian's permission, but when you compare those photos to what was there before, I'm not surprised that he's heartbroken. I even feel upset looking at it :/

Adrian, I've sent you a PM with a link to the property next door. It's also for sale, and it's been zoned for building - so I think there's a very good chance that your plot has also been zoned in the same way. The location is so fantastic that it seems impossible for it to have been left as agricultural land.
Yosemite 2 | 88
15 Mar 2016 #92
but when you compare those photos to what was there before

Looks like any land would once it gets left for years to me.......overgrown.

The location is so fantastic

Calm down Delph, its not fantastic, its a relatively rural area on a poor road mainly surrounded by industrial estates. It has a bus stop but hardly any shops as far as i can tell. The North of Wroclaw is nowhere near as prominent as the South. Outside of the Srodmiesce and central locations Krzyki is a desirable sub district IMO.

Land in that kind of area zoned for building might be worth around 20-30 PLN / m2 i reckon.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
15 Mar 2016 #93
Looks like any land would once it gets left for years to me.......overgrown.

No, not from that perspective, but the aerial perspective. I get what he means now - the photographs on that website don't do it justice.

The North of Wroclaw is nowhere near as prominent as the South. Outside of the Srodmiesce and central locations Krzyki is a desirable sub district IMO.

It's true, but the S5 is getting built now from Poznań and the section Wrocław-Rawicz will be open at the end of next year. So - even as commercial land, it's worth something.

Krzyki is where everything is happening these days I think, but the roads there are just completely choked.

Nadodrze is apparently gentrifying incredibly quickly too.
Yosemite 2 | 88
15 Mar 2016 #94
Still Poland though isn't it, no money, no jobs, terrible economy. Love the way these Nieruchomosci agents say things like "perfect location for a hotel", ahh yeah well go fcuking build one then.

They've been saying for years how great an Investment Poland would be, i don't see it. You could have made a killing if you bought the right property before 2005 but those days are long gone.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
15 Mar 2016 #95
There's a lot of it, I remember going to one agent and telling her that I had a maximum budget of x and not to even bother showing me anything else. What happens? She takes me to see three properties, all of which were above x.

Mind you, private sellers aren't much better. I went to see one place, and the woman had absolutely no idea what she wanted for it, then she came up with a ridiculous price that was easily 30% more than the value. The place is still empty years on...

That's why I wonder if this agent hasn't done some dodgy deal.
AdrianK9 6 | 368
16 Mar 2016 #96
I think the pictures from that link is from photos in 2012 because there's no trees whatsoever on the property. I did try to briefly sell it and we had some decent offers but since things were going well financially I decided I wanted to keep it and either remodel the house there or completely tear it down. I am very set on retiring in Poland and I've wanted to return back to my country ever since I was in college. One of the reasons why I actually chose International Business as a major is to increase my chances of working and living in Poland. I don't have my MBA yet so I wouldn't be too qualified for the jobs within my income requirements. If I could get a job that paid at least $40k USD a year base salary (I work in sales so I'd be mainly looking for a job that's base + commission) in Poland I'd move right away. However, I haven't been able to find a job like that. The best I got offered was $2k USD a month + commission with Google in Wroclaw and 30K Euro + commission with some British shipping company with a location in Gdansk. I think once I get an MBA, a bit more experience, it will be more likely for me to find a good job in Poland or even getting sent over by my US employer. I'm actually starting a new job (if all goes according to plan) next week that has very strong ties with Polish politicians - especially those in PiS.

Anyway, that picture with the sign (the real estate listing) I think is from 2012 since that was the time we put it on sale. The property looks way different now as you can see by the pictures I posted. I found a photo of my parents when they were in the 20's sitting in a Maluch with my grandma (the former owner of the property) in the driveway. You can't really see the house but you can get a good idea of the apple orchard that was there.

I don't really have an issue with posting the address I just ask that when you write it please type the number either in Polish or English - like trzynascie (thirteen) pelczynska Wroclaw. Please please don't type the number because then it will pop up in google search and Skank a$$ might use it against me... If anyone wants to stalk the intruders be my guest, just take some pictures or preferably video. I would love it if someone could get a clear shot of the dump truck's license plate while it's on the property. Unfortunately, most of the video doesn't really catch it. Even worse, the cops totally dropped the ball because they wrote down the license plates for 4 of the dump trucks and took IDs from all 4 of the drivers/operators. However, the cops claim to have 'misplaced' three of them and the only one they have is a driver who claimed that he got lost.

The issue gets further complicated by my family in Poland from my dad's side. The issue is complex, but it involves a rather wicked grandmother who hates me and my mom for 'taking' her son to the US. My dad's sister, my aunt basically (the one who actually notified me of this situation) isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Although she is very kind and very friendly, she has no business sense and is ADD like no other. My grandparents are still supporting her even though she's in her 30's - they bought her a hair salon to run, a big beautiful old style communist commune type of house meant for 2 big families, and a Mercedes. My grandma, who is extremely cunning is getting old and is worried that her lifes' work (definitely hers - not her husband aka my grandpa from dads side) of buying up and running like a half dozen businesses will all fall if my aunt runs them and my dad really can't because he's in the US. This lady honestly hates me - when she visited us in the US I had cancer and both my parents were very poor and working. She got asked by mom if she would look after me while they worked. My grandma agreed, but she said she wanted to get paid for it. So my parents said fine, how much... she wrote down on a napkin a ridiculous amount that was more than my parents were making let alone what they could afford. So long story short, I cannot trust her or anyone who is in contact with her because she will manipulate them against me. Even when we sold the Zlotniki house, she snuck in before the closing and stole all the cabinets. I mean these were old cabinets, not worth much if anything. However, this lady despite being a millionaire (you'd think she's a homeless bag lady from the 70s if you saw her) is totally shameless and will even steal from us to earn 100 zloty. Even when I had cancer and she visited me in the hospital the nurses complained that she was stealing blankets and stuff... the last thing I wanted is a reminder with the hospitals name from when I had cancer...

So the only person I thought I could trust was this guy who lives like he's in the 1800's... or at least use to till he got a taste of modern Polish life. He had no car, no laptop, nothing. He'd cook his food on a wood burning stove even. Very simple guy but not a drunkard and I didn't perceive him as dangerous. We often hired him for small tasks like painting a fence, feeding the dog while we're on a trip, stuff like that. Anyway, he lived in that house for free (when it was still in good shape on the inside) in exchange for very basic maintenance. I found out first he rented out the property to put billboards on it and used the proceeds to buy himself a smart phone and a laptop. He was caught, apologized, and I forgave him. In this case though, the drivers said that they got permission from him to dump there - or so they claim. That's kind of bogus because that's like if you rented a place an apartment and told a guy that he could park his car in one of the empty unit's space. I felt that this person would do a better job of maintaining it since after all he's living there and we've known him for decades. He's the towns 'amish' dude...

I do plan on fighting this while there is still fight in me. I feel that it's a losing battle though and I have a fear that despite all the money, time and tears I've poured into this that I will end up having to fix it myself and will not get Skank A$$ to do anything. I guess we'll see but it's not looking good. Check back with me in a year and we'll see what happened lol. That neighborhood did have some renovations going on but I honestly don't know what the true value is. The 5 mln zloty seems too high... even 3.8 mln zloty seems high.. I don't know what it really is worth and more importantly what it could actually sell for in the current market - both in current condition and in a condition where the house is still damaged but fixed up to at least not be an eye sore and the land fixed with some fresh trees planted. I just wonder if I could have the rubble bulldozed so the holes are even and put fill dirt on top of that or if I'd need to remove all the rubble first - which I'm guessing would be extremely costly. the long run, it would be nice to keep the property where my grandma lived, where my parents started dating and where my dad asked for my grandma's (from mom's side - she's divorced and I've only met her husband, my grandpa from moms side, like one time and it seems like they don't really want to keep contact with him) and so many other memories. I even remember when I was like 7 my cousin and I would throw snails and slugs at my grandmas windows and she'd get so mad because there'd be big sticky snail guts all over her windows. Sorry PETA people - I was like 7 lol. My dad is a contractor and he itaught me how to build and remodel homes since I was a pre-teen so my dream was to build my dream retirement home on the property and drive there. It's not like the most expensive area but it's nice because it's like a suburb and it's close to the city. I actually stayed in SkyTower while I was in Poland - It was AWESOME! I actually paid very little for the trip - $1700 total for round trip airfare from Chicago with only a brief layover and 10 nights in the hotel. However, I had to of course extend it several times because of the situation. I'm actually home now - I usually only post from work (because it makes me look like I'm busy) and I wanted to post some pictures of how the property use to look like when my family was actually living there. It really use to be a nice large (for 4 people anyway) cozy home with lots of land. We even had some chickens roaming around and we'd get fresh eggs. We would store the apples, sell them, make pies and kompot... It's sad to see all these memories and life milestones, especially for my parents, just vanish.

I do have some family living in an around Wroclaw still. My family and I lived in Zlotniki as our first house (that was the house they bought after moving out of this place with my grandma. The house was very nice - it reminded me of a narrow but tall 2 story town house that you often see in London or in the US. Like the row houses I guess in a way? Lots of wood everywhere though I loved it haha it felt like a log cabin. My grandma from my moms side, who's house this use to be, now lives in the bloke near Hotel Wroclaw. She has a nice place but it's rather small and although her condo is nice and modern the building looks like the old gray communist concrete blocks. My grandma (from dad's side) and grandpa (he's nice - but often gets manipulated by his wife) live in Oborniki Slaskie which I really like. It's a small town about 40 minutes from Wroclaw. It feels like a little vacation resort town. Theres lots of large beautiful homes, rolling hills with pines, oak, and firs, an old Soviet train station that's very well preserved and lots of little cafe's, bars, restaurants, delis, etc. There really isn't much of that with this house - it's kind of on the outskirts of Wroclaw. There's a few small stores but you can't really walk around the area like you can at my grandparents house in Oborniki or the condo that my grandma (moms side) lives in since it's super close to Hotel Wroclaw. At least I'll have that property when my grandma passes but there's not that much sentiment with that one. I'll probably sell it because I wouldn't really want to live in the bloki. It was purchased more so my grandma didn't have to deal with maintaining her old house. It's comfy for 1-2 people but the whole bloki thing puts me off. It'd be fine if say I moved to Poland as a relatively young male, but not once I near retirement age. Oh well. We'll see what happens. Thank you for all the support guys you have no clue how nice it is - I really don't have anyone I can vent to about this and it is so frustrating and heart breaking. I'm even more mad because I really tried to take control of the situation but it's like even these guys are taking advantage of me because they know I'm from the US - from the local cops, to the private investigator, to the actual company causing damage. It's like they all called each other one day and asked each other 'How can we fcuk up Adrian's life? Hey I know, let's destroy his grandmas house that he was planning on retiring in and make sure the cops, lawyers, and private investigators don't help him'
AdrianK9 6 | 368
16 Mar 2016 #97
Here's a picture that's at least 20 years old... you can't really see the house but it's the white structure on the side of the photo. As you can see there use to be lots of trees around it. Now there are none.

I'll try to find some more photos on how the house use to look like - this one in particular is one of my favorite pictures and I took it out of the frame to scan it. I'll go through my photo albums and see if I can find more although most of the older pictures of Poland would be at my parents' house.

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