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Exam for Drivers License in Poland after passing theoretical test in Germany?

30 Jun 2017 #1
good evening all, I have a question regarding the polish driving license, I'm a German citizen and I will move to( Gdansk) for university, and I was wondering if I could complete my progress since both Germany and Poland are in the EU, I did all my mandatory hours both theoretical and practical, and I passed my theoretical exam by (TÜV) which is the examination agency, all I have to do is the driving exam itself and I'll be very honest I failed my first attempt because I was so nervous I tried to start on the traffic light on 3RD GEAR!!! keep in mind I've been driving for around a year in some countries without the driving license:).

so back to the main point the reason why I failed is when I was turning right I indicated and did everything I just forget to check over my shoulder which was an instant fail.

so can I just sit my driving exam if I could prove to the polish that I did all that progress in Germany? thansk all!

oh and one more question please I would like to start with A2 and I heard if I had the class B I wouldn't have to sit the theoretical exams in other European countries like Bulgaria for example, is that the case in Poland?
Lyzko 42 | 9,135
30 Jun 2017 #2

Chances are that if taking any test in Poland, regardless of country of origin, you'd have to take it in the language of country of the exam for which you are sitting! Do you speak Polish? English- (much less German) language driving instruction in Poland (perhaps different from Germany these days) is liable to be either few and far between or horrifically expensive, as it becomes a matter of supply vs. demand. The demand for foreign-language driving instruction in Poland must be relatively low, therefore the supply will have to make up for such demand and therefore cost considerably!

Something to think about:-)
OP keecht
30 Jun 2017 #3
thank you for your reply, so would you recommend to sit the exams in a regular polish driving school with a translator?
Lyzko 42 | 9,135
30 Jun 2017 #4
That'd be the only way, keecht (sorry, beforeLOL). Again, Poland is not Germany, and far fewer people know English fluently across the board:-)
Lyzko 42 | 9,135
30 Jun 2017 #5
Quite a number of Poles know German. However, since you're obviously conversant in English as well, you could doubtless find either one offered to a translator, certainly in any of the larger urban areas such as Gdansk, Cracow, Warsaw, Poznan or Katowice:-)
mafketis 36 | 10,380
1 Jul 2017 #6
Quite a number of Poles know German

Not anymore. The final death knell for German in Poland was Germany's resistence to Polish labor when Poland joined the EU. Germany (with ally France) did everything it could to keep its labor markets closed to Poles while the UK threw the doors open. The UK acted likean ally, Germany didnt'. By the time Germany had to accept Polish workers.... Poles had lost interest.

Even schools in the Gdansk area have taken German out of the curriculum....
Lyzko 42 | 9,135
1 Jul 2017 #7
Maf, once again, it always depends on the age group you're talking about! Those from roughly fifty up through their sixties will speak German better than English. Their parents on the other hand will know Russian fluently, probably zero English and at best, broken phrasebook German:-) Under fifty, particularly teens and yuppies, English of courseLOL

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