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Dependant Visa for my wife (going first time to Poland)

PolishGirlThief 4 | 18
4 Sep 2019 #31
@Sai Sandesh

The Polish embassy doesn't issue spouse visas. You have to apply for a tourist visa which mostly likely you will be denied.
3 Dec 2019 #32
Hello ,

My work permit is going to expire on 1st April 2020 but my contract with the company will be extended for indefinite period in Feb 2020. Now question if I call my family on dependent visa will it be for 1 year or till my work permit say 1st April 2020.

Thanks in Advance.
3 Dec 2019 #33
wives permit will be tied to yours, so till April 2020.
Nila M Bhatt
6 Feb 2020 #34
i am already student of poland at present and now i want to get visa of my spouse what to do
rememberanks2003 - | 1
5 Oct 2020 #35

I have my work permit and National work visa and will be travelling to Poland next month. Can my wife apply for National Others visa based on my work permit and visa? Can this be done while I am still in India? As per the requirement checklist, "Invitation letter issued by the Voivodeship Office (Zaproszenie)" is required for the same?

Appreciate if anyone can guide on this?
9 Dec 2020 #36
@rememberanks2003, any update on how you proceeded.

I'm in the same situation and have been told that dependent visa are restricted as of now
14 Jan 2021 #37
Sir i have been working here since 14month in Poland and i got TRC now i want to bring my wife here so what is the process to bring here please help me for advice.

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