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Dependant Visa for my wife (going first time to Poland)

PolishGirlThief 3 | 15
4 Sep 2019 #31
@Sai Sandesh

The Polish embassy doesn't issue spouse visas. You have to apply for a tourist visa which mostly likely you will be denied.
3 Dec 2019 #32
Hello ,

My work permit is going to expire on 1st April 2020 but my contract with the company will be extended for indefinite period in Feb 2020. Now question if I call my family on dependent visa will it be for 1 year or till my work permit say 1st April 2020.

Thanks in Advance.
3 Dec 2019 #33
wives permit will be tied to yours, so till April 2020.
Nila M Bhatt
6 Feb 2020 #34
i am already student of poland at present and now i want to get visa of my spouse what to do

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