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The cost of vehicle tax in Poland ?

fatihy 3 | 6
23 Sep 2012 #1
I want to know what are the criterias for vehicle taxes, and how i can learn how much tax for which car ?

Is there any link like ? 524

Thanks :)
pawian 164 | 10,317
23 Sep 2012 #2
There isn`t such tax in Poland.

Or there is but included in the price of fuel so you pay it at a filling station when you buy petrol/diesel etc.

But you have to pay insurance and the cost varies depending on your car`s capacity, age, your driving history, your age etc etc. And the choice of insurance company also matters. I pay 800 PLN at one company but would have to pay even 1400 at another for the same car.

Online calculator for your insurance in Poland:
OP fatihy 3 | 6
23 Sep 2012 #3
thank you very much, very helpful information for me :)
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
23 Sep 2012 #4
Driving a 2 litre automatic Nissan (clean driving licence, held for 25+ years) the cheapest quote was Liberty Direct at 1100zl or about £200. About a third less than I pay in the UK where I have the max NCD.
Orpheus - | 114
23 Sep 2012 #5
Liberty Direct at 1100zl or about £200

Presumably that's for A/C; fully insured.

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