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Buying 2nd hand cars - UK or Poland

skibum 8 | 62
16 Mar 2010 #1
Is there anyone on the site 'in the know' about purchase prices of 2nd hand cars in UK compared to Poland?

Should I buy a LHD car in UK and bring it to Poland, taking into account insurance, ferry, tolls, fuel and eventual registration in Poland. Would it be cheaper just to buy one here?
wildrover 98 | 4,451
16 Mar 2010 #2
I will just mention a Polish friend of mine that bought an Audi diesal combi in the UK for 500 quid...and sold it in Poland for 1500 quid...The price of parts in Polska is quite high....i brought a merc over to Polska for a friend who needed an engine for his...the price of the car , plus ferry and fuel was far less than he was going to have to pay for an engine...nuff said...Its not only that they are cheaper in the UK , a car thats done 10.000 miles on UK roads will be in better condition than one thats done the same on Polish roads...

Many Poles go to Germany to buy cars..Germans don,t want old second hand cars , and its much easier to get a lhd car in Germany...
Think Twice
16 Mar 2010 #3
Would it be cheaper just to buy one here?

In the long run..........
buy an old fiat, not only do you blend in with the natives, but the way they drive and park, it won,t hurt your pocket too much when they crash into you. lol.
dnz 17 | 710
16 Mar 2010 #4
Buy a lhd from japan (yes there are some), lower mileage and better looked after + they don't salt the roads there so less rust, if you want to have a look, just select LHD stock.

Could always get yourself a nice ex yakuza merc s500 :)
OP skibum 8 | 62
17 Mar 2010 #5
Thanks DNZ certainly some good looking deals on there, even with the shipping.

Have you done it yourself?

Are there any hidden costs?
dnz 17 | 710
17 Mar 2010 #6
I've never shipped to Poland but shipped loads from JP - PL,

The main hidden cost occurs with cars younger than 10 years old where they are reuired to have an SVA once before registration in the UK, This isn't normally a problem but occasionally getting hold of the model report can be difficult and expensive.

Its easilly dooable though. if you are looking for something less than 10 years old contact an SVA tester: I've used them several times and it is worth asking them how difficult an SVA is likely to be on a particular model. If it has any modifications it might be more difficult.

On cars older than 10 years the process is really simple, Its simply MOT it on the Chassis number, Insure it on th Chassis number and then pay the DVLA registration charge which is 55 GBP + the cost of 6 months road tax.

Depending on the model you will need to fit a rear fog light as they don't have them in Japan but thats it.

In all honesty it is really really simple and takes about 1 week after the car has arrived in the UK.

I used to import Skylines, imprezas and Mx-5's on a regular basis, 2-3 a monthand never had an major issues with it.

If you need any help or advice drop me a mail and i'll go through the process wih you and explain how to minimise the cost of import duty, usually 10% of the vehicle cost + VAT.

Hope this helps and any questions just ask :)

BTW the prices on the website are really negotiable you can usually get 20% off and it might be worth shipping 2 cars at a time ie a car you want and a really cheap car to sell as the shipping cost is often for a full container at a time and the sale of the second car could easilly pay for your shipping and registration costs.
denimrenault - | 2
21 Jun 2010 #7
you can try this
easyexport pl as alternative.

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