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Born in Poland, now US Citizen, wants apply 4 Polish Passport

28 Apr 2012 #1

I was born in Poland, in 1964, and lived in an orphanage until the time I left the country in 1966. I was adopted by American parents.

I became a US citizen in the late 1970s and had to renounce my Polish citizenship at the time of the naturalization process.

I have traveled to Poland in 1993 on a US Passport with no problems.

But I would like to apply for my Polish passport. Is this possible ? This is to have a second passport.

What do I have to do ? Can I do this on my own ? I live in the USA

now but speak a bit of Polish. My name on the US Passport was changed / legally to an American name and my Polish name is on

my old documents.

On my US passport, which is still current, my American name appears with the birthplace listed as Poland.

I wonder if it is worth applying for a Polish passport for ease of travel in EU or if it is easier to travel as an American in EU.

I have traveled Europe extensively in 1987 when the EU did not exist.

I guess also I am getting confused too that do I need to prove Polish citizenship before I apply for a Polish passport ? How easy

is it for me to obtain my Polish citizenship if was born there but live 99% of my life here in the USA ?

Please kindly share all and any ideas, contacts, information etc....

Thank you.
28 Apr 2012 #2
Eagleye. You are old enough now to either read/search this forum for answers or to contact any polish consulate/embassy in the USA.
irishguy11 6 | 157
28 Apr 2012 #3
The EU did exist before 1987. Why would you trade a US passport for a Polish one when you live in the US.
8 Jul 2013 #4
It wouldn't have to be a trade; this person could have both passports.

You only lose your Polish citizenship if you renounced it with Polish authorities, and have received an official notice from the Polish President's office confirming that your Polish citizenship has been revoked. If you have received such a notice, then you are not a Polish citizenship, and would of course not be able to get a Polish passport.
jkb - | 198
9 Jul 2013 #5
If you know Polish, this article is for you: Basically, if you lost your Polish citizenship due to receiving citizenship of another country, you are now eligible to have your relinquished citizenship restored.
9 Jul 2013 #6
UE was created in 1957 (although not under this name) and was made up of 6 countries: Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg
Ryz - | 43
9 Jul 2013 #7
heck in 1986 the EU (then known as EEC) already had 12 members. Maybe the op meant the Schengen Area which came to force in the mid 90's?
11 Jul 2016 #8
Zman... Isn't the idea of this forum is to ask questions?

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