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No availability to apply for Poland's National Visa. Indian national married to Polish.

28 Jan 2018  #31

Let me know who needs slot I can provide some agents number

29 Jan 2018  #32

Hi ,

I need slot for a tourist visa.
Please help me here and my email id is
SigSauer 2 | 490    
29 Jan 2018  #33

Google is your friend, and can help you.
29 Jan 2018  #34

Hi manjunath
actually i also got the appointment date for february and i am also going for phd.could you plss tell me the documents which are necessary????
31 Jan 2018  #35

yes... I can help you..could you please tell me at which embassy you want to apply ?
Mumbai or NEW Delhi ??
and also provide me your no. I will definately help you.
5 Feb 2018  #36

Kindly provide your number or email to contact you @Ayyappan97
for booking the visa slot
O WELL 2 | 191    :-(
8 Feb 2018  #37

Priya I have contacted you,you ask for 50k indian rupees to get a slot and 500k indian rupees to get a visa and a temporary residence and another 1000 euros to just arrange acommodation and airport pick up plus security deposit and rent.A serious question Priya is it legal for you to provide these unsuspecting naive migrants the service you are advertising for?esp the promise that they can make a promising life earning mega bucks in Poland and then move to other european countries and work there?I think its a form of human trafficing and should be reported to authorised authorities.I will look at the authorities in Kernatka state in India and report you.
12 Feb 2018  #38

Finding it difficult to get the National visa.
My courses starts in March ,still no replies to calls and emails

What to do now?

Finding lot of slots in the Delhi embassy but Mumbai consulate is nothing.

My courses starts in march,but consulate is not responding
15 Feb 2018  #39

kindly please provide me your mail ID
28 Feb 2018  #40

Please contact me on whatsapp +91902286427 I need date for delhi urgent.
28 Feb 2018  #41

Please provide me your 10 digit number.

And even if anyone needs slot for the work or others , they may contact us at
21 May 2018  #42

I need urgent slot for Poland for stamping my visa contact me on qureshijaleel2013@gmail.

Home / Law / No availability to apply for Poland's National Visa. Indian national married to Polish.
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