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Agencies for residence permit application in Poland

rdhir 6 | 19
18 Nov 2014 #1

Are there any agencies/companies that can help apply for residence permit extension in Warsaw?
18 Nov 2014 #2
My friend used Blackbird expatriate service recently
OP rdhir 6 | 19
7 Jan 2015 #3
ska 9 | 14
4 May 2016 #4
Merged: Visa Agency in Wroclaw, to get a Belarusian visa without going to Warsaw


I'm trying to get a short-term visa to Belarus with my USA passport. However, I can't visit Warsaw any time soon. When I called the Belarusian embassy in Warsaw, they said I can find a visa agency/agent in Wroclaw to submit and obtain a visa. Do you know any visa agency/agent in Wroclaw?

Looker - | 1,134
21 May 2016 #5
Frankly I don't see any Belarusian consular agency in Wroclaw. Ukrainian yes, but not from Belarus.

There's another option available. You may get such visa using an intermediary:

Their fee is from 100 up tu 140zl - depending how quick you want to obtain this visa. Express mode is 2 days (business days probably).

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