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Investing in Warsaw's business! Your insights!

Tulio 1 | 1
17 Jul 2012 #1
I have few month living in Poland and would like to invest in some profitable business in Warsaw, (around 50,000Zl). I am considering the idea of buying a business (odstÄ…pnie), but I do not know what kind of business could really work here. What can you suggest me?.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!
MKHAN - | 1
3 Aug 2012 #2

i am new in warsaw poland and wish to start a new company here.

i am looking for help, how to do that or may be some attorney in law.

angelika11111 - | 1
3 Aug 2012 #3
Hi, If you need any help legal help dont hestitate to contact me. Izabela cell. 609 805 388
MoOli 9 | 480
5 Aug 2012 #4
How much do you charge?
22 Aug 2012 #5
Which kind of company?
MoOli 9 | 480
23 Aug 2012 #6
Hi, If you need any help legal help dont hestitate to contact me. Izabela cell. 609 805 388

Pani IZA up to old tricks again?Hope you know you can loose to become a notariuz by posting this kind of reklamas:))NO!NO!NO! reklamas as per notariuz ethics remember:)or.......

Probably garment import as he is from Pakistan.(Guessing as per Khan surname)
picasoflake - | 1
23 Aug 2012 #7
Business is done any where but need motivator and online business is much better to explore your ideas
23 Aug 2012 #8
MoOli, please explain how responding to a request for help on a forum is a ' Reklamas' I see no self promotion, link to a website or standard footer text. Please provide the articles or extracts from the Polish law you believe ' Izabela ' is violating.
mullerriceman 2 | 23
23 Aug 2012 #9
She isn't breaking any law per se, as no such law i.e. statutory provision exists to prevent this.

However, being a practising member of law (notariusz, radca prawna etc) she will belong to some kind of chambers or other organisation which will have a professional code of ethics. This code of ethics (good luck finding that btw) is notorious for being strict, archaic and unforgiving and can include the prevention from advertising on the internet in any form of which this would be an example even though there is no 'advertising' as we know it.

For example, I work for a law firm in Poland which has both radca prawna and adwokat. One of these professions (can't remember which one) can have a heavily diluted internet presence (through internal chamber rules) the other cannot. Therefore the chamber of those that cannot, regularly phone or contact them to ask the company to remove the website/change it suitably so they aren't seen etc.
golas - | 21
3 Sep 2012 #10
We can help you in company formation and in doing business in Poland.

Please remember that you can use on-line registration procedures (No visit to the Notary Office required).

Do not hesitate to contact us

31 Oct 2012 #11
We will happily visit you at your home or office if this is more convenient for you
14 Oct 2014 #12
Hopefully you didn't buy a restaurant ;). Since 2012 (or in reality since 2008) there're few sensible investment options. If you have cash, it may be best to keep it (applies not only to Poland investments). Otherwise, everything is stagnant, including real estate or stock market.

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