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Info Karta stalego Pobytu - the procedure?

sameer53 1 | 3
5 Feb 2013 #1
Hello, friends i would like to ask for help. Can some one tell me the procedure of karta staego pobytu.I am married and ai have 2 years karta pobytu. which one is going to finish after 4 months.I live with my wife. But i want the procedure of karta pbytu and paszport. can some one plz help me
Olaf 6 | 956
5 Feb 2013 #2
Hi Sameer,

Usually you could renew it by applying again for the residence card in advance. Polish passport would mean Polish citizenship, and that is completely separate issue. You first must get permanent residency and residence card is a temp. one. That's like step 1 in this.
OP sameer53 1 | 3
19 Feb 2013 #3
Thank you so much friend , I am here 6 years but Some information was missing .because people told me that after permant resident card I have months period to apply the passport I was confuse and my some of friend s they was told me tht Immigration officer will be ask me some stupied Questions. But I already had interview with my wife but they havent ask me stupied question. have you some information wht kind of question willl be ask me in in iterview

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