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What exactly is the "Ksiega Wieczysta" Nr.??

Ottomann 2 | 1
24 Aug 2010 #1
I'm now getting closer to my target
(many thanks to Lukasz K for this real competent
answer to my other thread!!)

I'm now looking for the correct "Ksiega Wieczysta" Nr...???

The notary gave me this kind of number: **664

But on the contract there are other numbers given
like 78/4 .......

So I did try to check at

In the first box I selected SL1B (for Bytow-[the property is located near Polczno]) -
in the middle box the above number -
but what do I have to put in the last Box?

So if you now where to find the correct number (on the tax-slip?
on the notary sales contract?...?)

Can anyone help me out ;-((

Thanx a lot in advance!

Otto Mann
gregor - | 38
24 Aug 2010 #2

no. 78/4 is probably the number of the land plot (it's not the same as "ksiega wieczysta"). The full number of "ksiega wieczysta" should have a sales contract. So I sugesst you to contact with the notary to receive the full number of the "ksiega wieczysta".
30 Oct 2012 #3
If you know the number of Ksiega wieczysta you can check everything about property who is the owner any mortgagee land status.You can do it online and for free
1colum - drop down menu city where is KW
2colum - you need to now number (you can ask for it owner or safer is to say that your solicitor will contact him requesting this number if this ok?

3 column - no rule for it however there is other website if you know 2 first columns the third can be generate trough website

Hope this will help.

Home / Law / What exactly is the "Ksiega Wieczysta" Nr.??
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