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Establish Polish Market

bahadiraydin 1 | -
24 Jan 2013 #1
Hello there

We are thinking to establish Polish market , i need to know several things anyone can help me ,
- what is the cost of utilities (electricity, gas, water, telephone fees , etc...) for office
- what is the social security cost in Poland?

thank you very much

bahadir aydin
Michalsky - | 4
9 Mar 2013 #2
- office costs depend on the size of. Normaly for small office you could pay for all. Eg. 30sqm 1500 PLN rent, 300-600 PLN electricity, phone 200-300 PLN,

- sociall security is little complicated this is web site where you can find all costs of workers. Netto is for worker, brutto is your costs

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