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Cheated $21009 by a Polish man - what shall i do?

bigapp 2 | 11
10 May 2015 #1
First of all,most of people are trustable from poland.
But a guy and his wife and his wife"s sister stole $21009 (usd) staff money.
Now they blocked my email,phone number.
Before once asked to pay back,ask me to kiss as*.
I am very sorry to tell this here.But you know God know all of these.
how come some people in heart had God but do things like that?
As far as i know they still on business.
so who can offer help?
10 May 2015 #2
Do you know their names and addresses? Have you contacted the police in Poland? Why don't they want to give you the money back?
OP bigapp 2 | 11
10 May 2015 #3
yes, i know his name address.i tried to contract police in poland,no one offer help me.they told me many times pay back me,now almost 1 years,nothing.Keep many times promises,but never come to truth.when i email them nowadays,no response.or just told me to go my bank to take money from my bank i can only think that they no willing to pay back the owed money..thanks
Marsupial - | 886
10 May 2015 #4
How did they get their hands on 21000 usd, how did it come to thier account? Your other comments look a bit naive unless it's the language barrier. There are thieves everywhere in every nation, even banks steal money here where I am. Surely you know this?
10 May 2015 #5
Witam! The police of course cannot help to get money back. All the police can do is to advise to take a lawyer and if necessary to go to court. (I've experienced this twice in Poland). Obviously it'll take time and it also shall cost money but unfortunately that's the way everywhere and not only in Poland. Good luck!
10 May 2015 #6
As Gosc said police cant help you need a good lawyer and lately lawyers have also followed american policy and if you willing to accept50% some would do it on contigency if you provide legal proof they took it and they can afford to pay back.
OP bigapp 2 | 11
10 May 2015 #7 i will have to type all of the full things.As we are business parnters for over 4 years.We trust him very much.And he did have a lot of orders.Then we produce his orders.And some time,he ask us to give him staff first,then becase of the trust(now come to return seeing it was fault)we kept sending him staff without getting payment first.He told us he was short for business,need our supports.And he told would pay for all the money before last XAMS,But things was not like that.After the deadline of payment i tried to call him ,my phone number was blocked,then i use a location skype phone number called.It was successful,as soon as he knew that was me hung up directly.I emailed many times,nothing.And we tried to call agin,what were he said was ,money in my ass,come to kiss my ass.And in fact i know his wife"s sister and told her to try to tell him to pay back the money.She got super angry,i am not sure.And tried to call his wife,what she said she did not know me at all.In fact,i and his wife not only know each other but also,talked with each other many times.I am not sure why such a man had a baby and took baby to church every week to teach him things about God,did such things to me.I know today money may not be able to back to me.But i want to let more people know this thing,learn from my such bad experience.And anyone who dealing business in poland,Germany,China,Unitedstates get off my experience and if possible,let them get the publish that shall be done by what they had done.
Wroclaw Boy
10 May 2015 #8
Also, theres always two sides to a story.
sledz 23 | 2,250
10 May 2015 #9
Before once asked to pay back,ask me to kiss ass.

You should had an attorney call him right after that!

Then threaten him with legal action, that would get him thinking. Nobody likes their finances being looked into....

Or just do it the Chicago way, put a hit out on him, have his legs broken:)
jon357 67 | 16,921
10 May 2015 #10
Depends on contracts. In Poland, if it isn't on paper in the correct format and with a rubber stamp (that bit's essential) it never happened.
OP bigapp 2 | 11
12 May 2015 #11
so how to teach him a lesson?just ignore this? like nothing happened,just learn a lesson from such people or let more people know him ?
12 May 2015 #12
Teach someone a lesson reflects revenge,if I was you I would wait and jump on apportunity when the person is least suspecting and play more dumb and lure the person:)) good luck anyway.
big app
4 Aug 2015 #14
hey,there i already asked a lawyer and lawyer already sent lawyer letter.resoped"they said you did not have the prove to show that they owed you money"already prepared something for that.Any one knows that what shall we do next to protect our right?
9 Oct 2015 #15
Is it over now or still in progress?

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