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Buy from allegro, ship to Indonesia

avitob 1 | -
30 Dec 2012 #1

I found something interesting in Allegro,
does Allegro support shipment to Indonesia (worldwide)?

How I choose EMS (Express Mail Service) as shipment method?
Before confirming my payment, I just have "Registered Priority Mail", and "Other Shipment Method with Cost form box".

Thank you,
waiting for your reply.
jarekt - | 2
30 Dec 2012 #2
Hi there,

It depends on a seller. To check all delivery options go to "dostawa i platnosci" bookmark but I advice you to contact with the seller and ask.
larahollmes01 - | 11
20 Jul 2019 #3
Google this - Parcel Forwarding Poland or Mail Forwarding Poland

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