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Applying for Polish citizenship through marriage.

20 Apr 2011  #31
Welcome and obrigado. Glad to see somebody so smart and organized to become my fellow countryman!!! :-) Good luck to you!
jef - | 3    
20 Apr 2011  #32
hi there,i'm brazilian as well and just got my citizenship to,just took me less time to get it two years and none months,because when i came to poland i was married alread 3 years.
Spaceman77 3 | 58    
21 Apr 2011  #33
Congratulations fellow countryman!
I'm glad I can see that someone proved my point once again: Not everything in Poland is as hard as some people want to suggest.

I'm glad Poland's new citizens are successful business people.
Best of luck!
B.T.W. I'm also holding a Venezuelan citizenship, so we are in theory, neighbors.! I could use a tip or two on an import/export business.
Rodrigo - | 9    
21 Apr 2011  #34
Spaceman, it all depends on what you'd like to import and where from. Taxes and fees may vary according to origin, product, what it's made of, what it's for and quantity. Feel free to ask.

Pan - | 4    
28 Apr 2011  #35
hey guys thanks for ur postings, I got permanent card and within 6 months i too had to file citizenship (based on marriage) which i did, BUT i dont have any Answere from OFFICE, its been like 70 days now still nothin, once i had recieved a letter saying that they are waiting for reports from Police and Border Police, (which till date has never came to my home to check me) they say in the letter that they will decide my case before 29th of april or will write me what next to do, well its 28th and i dont have anything, Please suggest me if you guys have any CLUES or have been in same situations, Appreciate everybody in advace.
Lodz_The_Boat 33 | 1,534    
29 Apr 2011  #36
Welcome to my country! You are now a Polish :) ... your children will be Polish too :) ... I believe you will contribute to the prosperity of Poland uniquely!

I have some friends from other nations who also became Polish and are now living wonderful lives with their new country and a very new way of living :) ...

People from west, east, south and north ... it don't matter now, now you are Polish :) ...
southern 76 | 7,108    
29 Apr 2011  #37
I have some friends from other nations who also became Polish

How do you become Polish? You develop high cheeks?
Lodz_The_Boat 33 | 1,534    
29 Apr 2011  #38
become polish?

It means he will be a Polish citizen ... not ethnically, but down the line that would also happen in his decendents...
14 May 2011  #39
Hi all :)

I have been married to polish guy 20 years now. Got my Karta Pobytu at 1994, but since now never applyed for citizensship. Many times I was thinking about it, but with some reason ( I am too lazy . LOL ) never did. Few months ago I check the website of my Urzad Wojewodzki to see what's need to apply for citizenship....It's too many papers, don't have polish bith certifikat which is required ( Don't remember if I ever had!?!). One thing is wondering me....if I have Karta Pobytu and live here since 1994y. should I have to wait for citizeship 2 years?

Regards and wish you a nice weekend :)
iceman - | 6    
16 May 2011  #40
any ideas of what happens to a foreigner who was granted citizenship through marriage to a Polish national who is now in the process of divorcing the Polish spouse?
Midas 1 | 571    
16 May 2011  #41
The citizenship gets revoked and the offending foreigner is fed to the wild "Zubrs" of the Bialowieska Forest.

Humour aside, Poland has joined the EU in 2004 and has to play by the same rules as anybody else in the civilized world.

Your citizenship, regardless of the way You obtained it, stays with You.
iceman - | 6    
17 May 2011  #42
Thanks Midas :)
Harry 78 | 13,351    
17 May 2011  #43
any ideas of what happens to a foreigner who was granted citizenship through marriage to a polish national who is now in the process of divorcing the polish spouse?

He isn't a foreigner if he has Polish citizenship: he'll be treated like any other Pole.
Lodz_The_Boat 33 | 1,534    
17 May 2011  #44
However being divorced after a long period of marriage, with a child ... will never let your life be same again, and whether Poland or any other country, you will partake the curse of spoiling a child's right to have a healthy caring family with both parents.

I don't know whether you will meet good luck or bad, but whatever happens, it seems you will face it in Poland.
sobieski 107 | 2,133    
17 May 2011  #45
The OP asked a question from the legal point of view, without philisophies. I would think that once you have the citizenship they cannot take it away?
al111 13 | 89    
17 May 2011  #46
I would think that once you have the citizenship they cannot take it away?

Theoratically yes. I hate to be the spoiler here but i'll just say what i have heard before. Spent seven continuous years (if i'm not mistaken) out of the country (but i don't know if it includes being in another EU state) and they will revoke your citizenship it's not only in Poland apperantely most countries have such rules for naturalised citizens.
Pan - | 4    
22 May 2011  #47
I have been married to polish guy 20 years now.

hey faith8989

Well I guess (from what i read and understood) its gonna be tough for you, as u r time barred with Citizenship...

You could file for Polish Citizenship (based on marriage) after completing 3 years of marriage OR
within 6 months of getting Permanent Karta Pobytu.... Not late then either/or of the conditions (well if u still have temporary Karta then its gonna be easy) coz you need Permanent Karta for filling Polish Citizenship

But still you can ask the Voivode office guys or consult a Lawyer (which is not a good idea as its expensive I guess)

and trust me the paper work is not that BIG deal, BUT IF u are already a European National then it doesn't make much difference you take a Polish nationality of not, so all the best :)

23 May 2011  #48
Hi ..

Thanks for reply :)

Yes, I do have Karta Pobytu, live here, work, pay taxes etc..Next week i am going to call and check out about my polish birth certificate. My husband and I are thinking to buy 6-7 apartments here at Gdansk and will be better if I have citizenship. Then I could be equal owner, won't need permision from Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnetrznych. Two years ago when we bought our house I need that permission because was my second property at Poland..LOL.

I will let you know soon what happen. But defenetely going o apply for citizenship soon. Two years will pass very quick :)

Regards :)
23 Sep 2011  #49
HUUUUU. I just your post . I am also waiting around 2 months still no latter no call. What it was with your case please add some word will help me to know how this process is going on.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 433    
24 Sep 2011  #50
I have a great job,

Congratulations Rodriguo for your new citizenship and for your optimism amid these hard times everywhere.
Out of curiosity what is the job you defined as your great job in Poland?
24 Sep 2011  #51
its been like 70 days now still nothing, once i had received a letter saying that they are waiting for reports from Police and Border

Please tell a bit more. What happen later with your case. Did u got it?
8 Oct 2011  #52
hey, i need help for my case, I'm married with Polish, we have a son, i got my first residence for 1 year and the second for 2 years, and i had to travel with my polish wife to my country because she wanted to give birth in Morocco, so we stayed in my country for the period of 7months and 17 days to the time when she gave birth and everything was ok , after that we came back to Poland and few days i go i went with my wife to ask if i can apply for permanent residence and to tell them also that i had to stay out of Poland for more than 6 months they told me that i can apply only for another 2 years!!! but i had to stay with my wife it was very important she gave birth in my country so i didn't have any chance to come back to Poland before period of 6 months, and also i asked them when i can apply for citizenship they told me when i will apply for permanent residence and when it will pass 3 years from permanent residence i can apply for citizenship and then i can wait even for 2 years to get it!!!! it's crazy, because we already have 3 years of marriage and if what they say is true then it means i have to wait 10 years to get polish citizenship, and the polish law says 3,6 years marriage and 2 years living in the country to apply for citizenship. im married with polish and my son also is polish/ Moroccan so: the first residence card 1 years second one for 2 years again apply for another 2 years because i crossed period of 6 months and then apply for permanent and wait 3 years and then apply for citizenship and i can wait for 2 years!!! please i need help how i can apply for permanent residence specially that i crossed the period of 6 months, and i had very strong reason, please somebody can help me,
sobieski 107 | 2,133    
8 Oct 2011  #53
im married with polish

This tells everything, doesn't it ?
anabella 1 | 8    
8 Oct 2011  #54

Rodrigo wish you the best. Good luck in your new country.
10 Oct 2011  #55
hello, somebody can help me please, i want to know how i can apply for permanent residence even if i crossed the period of 6 months out of the country,as i said my wife gave birth in my country not in poland,
newpol 2011    
11 Oct 2011  #56
Hi, you can apply permanent now after finishing 2 year card. No need tell them 7monts of bla bla. Just apply but what you need it prove in document that you out of PL coz health reason u wasn't able to travel from Morocco. you had to stay there law want this look at below what is consider as out of 6 months.

Uninterrupted stay:
· Stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland shall be deemed uninterrupted if none of the interruptions in the stay was longer than 6 months and if it has not exceeded in aggregate 10 months unless the interruption was caused by:

1. performance of professional duties or employment outside of the territory of the Republic of Poland, based on contract concluded with the employer whose registered office is located on the territory of the Republic of Poland

2. accompanying the spouse who performs professional duties or who works in conditions referred to in point 1
3. health treatment of the alien

its not impossible but need to do as the law wants. Wish u good luck . also have alook detail on
11 Oct 2011  #57
thank you so much my dear newpol 2011, well i told them before and even my wife went alone again to ask to day and they know that i had to stay out of Poland more than 6 months, and that i will tell them or not they will know because when they will make copy for my passport they will check everything, as you said is just plaplapla, my wife to day met nice person she understood that we couldn't travel because she gave birth and also the baby was very small to travel by aircraft, and also she told them that i had medical treatment, but she said that she understand our situation, but the law is the law and that i can apply for another 2 years and that in the end of this year the law will change and it will be no 6 months needed and then i can apply for permanent, but my wife told me that this woman in the office wants to help, so im waiting documents from 2 doctors in Morocco, my family already sent them and when i will receive them i will translate them into polish and also take all other documents which are needed for permanent residence, i hope then they will not say anything, and please you can answer me again im so happy that you gave me a hope, believe me i want to get residence and apply for citizenship just to have peace, i had many offers to work but when they see i have residence card for 2 years only they don't trust me they think i will work and when my residence will finish i will leave the country, and i love Poland i love polish people they are more nicer for me than any other European country so i want to become polish, and im proud of it i love my country so much but also Poland , i will keep contact with you, this is my email: simo.strong@hotmail
elioug 1 | 22    
20 Oct 2011  #58
I think as they said law is the law. I just got my temporary residence permit decision for 2 years. I have been already here 1 year (with other temporary permit) but i started the procedure for 2nd permit too late because in the urzad they asked me some papers that i didn't know (about taxes, and court decisions from my country). This was some silly as later they told me this wasn't necessary as i didn't come back to my country during last year. So it was a waste of time and energy. The problem with applying after the 45 days before is that i was outside the time for the procedure. This didn't represent a problem with staying here - as married with polish citizen, they cant kick you out even if you are in illegal condition. So this happened to me, because this problem with time, i was like 12 days illegally (nobody hunting me hehehe) and later i got the decision: yes for the 2 years. As consequence of the interrupted time, its like my counting years starts in zero... so i lost the year i have already been here. As recommendation for people who wants to avoid these problem with the counting years: try to do everything according the rules and be aware about this always, don't leave everything for the last moment. Wish everybody luck here... I still cant get a job. Btw I am also thinking about importing exporting something from my country as there are many interesting products, just i have zero experience in this field and don't know what polish people could like from exotic country as Peru. Greeting to everybody.
22 Oct 2011  #59
yes elioug, law is law, and for your situation i can say is good, all what you need to do now is to not stay out of the country for more than 6 months, you can apply for citizenship after 3 years of marriage and 2 years of living in the country, so i hope you will find a job, and i hope that you love your wife and that you are looking for true marriage, believe me or not pole who are married just to get citizenship will regret it sooner or later because as you treat people you will be treated, i hope everything will good with you and all foreigners in Poland,
elioug 1 | 22    
22 Oct 2011  #60
Hi Simo007 thanks for the best wishes. In fact, in my case i am not looking for any citizenship as I am proud of my country and dont have any negative feeling to it. I also love a lot my wife, and I am very happy to be with her here together. Unfortunately as I mentioned in my condition of foreigner is hard to access to normal job, and i assume for everybody it would be nice to develop normal life (having normal job, and do other things) so i look forward for this now and coming future. I am architect so obviously my options for job are some limited and for this reason i wrote about "what else could i do using my foreigner background" as it has resulted to Rodrigo with the import&export business. Hope also things are going well for you and everybody.

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