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Advice required about opening a Serbian restaurant in Krakow

Djuriic 1 | -
11 Jul 2010 #1

Im planing to open a Serbian restuarant in Kraków and we want to see how our chances is to success with this?

And what do i need to do, where to i get a loan, where can i find a premise for it?

And i need to know the legal things we will move from Sweden to Poland.
f stop 24 | 2496
11 Jul 2010 #2
Is serbian food similar to greek? Example of what you would serve, please?
11 Jul 2010 #3
You mean, you are thinking about opening a serbian restaurant in Krakow and would like to get opinions and advice on how to proceed.
DomPolski 7 | 33
11 Jul 2010 #4
some serbian food similar to polish for example sarma = golamki etc

11 Jul 2010 #5
The Serbian restaurant in Warsaw appears to have gone bankrupt.
Moonlighting 31 | 234
11 Jul 2010 #6

Cevapcici is delicious !

And i need to know the legal things we will move from Sweden to Poland.

Official informations about migrating and conducting business in Poland. Read the Polish Law section.
Seanus 15 | 19669
11 Jul 2010 #7
Serbian food would go down quite well in Kraków. I saw a few things in Belgrade that I can imagine Poles liking. Go for it! Delphiandomine is the poster here that knows the most about set-up procedures.
Anna Kowalik - | 2
12 Jul 2010 #8
Djuric is my boyfriend and i am halfpolish and halfserbian myself ! And i think that serbian food and culture is much more intresting and varied. Polacy otwieraj serce wasze dla serbów! Oni mają świetną kuchnie i potrzebuje polska trochę przyprawów ! All you really need to do is to try out some new and begin from somewhere! The only thing we want is some help , where to start and how ! I would be very happy =) !
Crow 160 | 9306
12 Jul 2010 #9

ultimate food. Definitely

but, don`t forget pljeskavica, gibanica and ajvar.

The Serbian restaurant in Warsaw appears to have gone bankrupt.

always pessimist.... c, c, c
Seanus 15 | 19669
12 Jul 2010 #10
I'd like sth like that here too but Gliwice is just too small. Kraków is a good bet :) I have to ask my wife what we ate in Serbia. Just pastries, I think, but tasty :)
Olaf 6 | 955
13 Jul 2010 #11
Djuriic, have you started considering exact location in Cracow?
5 Aug 2010 #12
I don't know if this topic is still actual but i will make my opinion and advice any way.

Cracow is good for such restaurant because there are lot of tourists and they always looking for something unusual. Everything what is exotic have better chance to work correctly.

Now some information what to do.

1. Because you are non EU citizen you should have stay and job permission
2. In the same time you may start preparing documentation to register firm in court (because you are non EU citizen you will have to open ltd company and thats why registration is in court). Registration cost something about 1700 zł plus minimum 5000 zł for capital of your firm (shares worth 5000 zł - 50 zł each)

3. After this look for a place where you can open restaurants.
4. Before you sign any rent contract it's good to check if this place have all requirements needed to run restaurants. (check by architect and someone from sanepid). One of problem is space between floor and ceiling. It must be minimum 3 meters.

5. When everything is OK you may start your business.
6. Find good accounting office which can handle with foreigners firm. (I always recommend office which is located on Felicjanek street 10/8 "Centrum Obsługi Biznesu" because they have big experience with foreigners - www/dot/fkcob/dot/pl)

With getting loan from Polish banks will be a problem because they don't like to give money to the foreigners but being ltd is easier.

I hope I help a little bit.
5 Aug 2010 #13
because you are non EU citizen you will have to open ltd company

That is very simply not true.
MareGaea 29 | 2751
5 Aug 2010 #14

I love Ajwar :)

Balkan restaurants are good. I wish they had one here in Dubs, I would visit it loads of times. But over here they only know Italian, Indian, Chinese/Thai and Chippers, unfortunately. Even in the village where I was born in, a very small village, we had a Balkan restaurant. I still talk to the guys that owned it every now and then.

Great food. I really mean that.


M-G (yay!)
6 Aug 2010 #15
That is very simply not true.

Why do you think it's not true?
As I know non EU citizens can't open one person firm except foreigners from few countries like for example USA. When some one is from South Korea (it's only example) must open ltd company.
6 Aug 2010 #16
I do not think it is not true: I know it is not true. Polish law states that foreign nationals have the same right to open one-person companies in Poland as Poles have in the country of that foreign national. Which explains why Americans and Australians can set up one-person companies here but Canadians can not.
lowfunk99 10 | 397
6 Aug 2010 #17
What is needed to start a company?

I assume you need a NIP and PESEL.
jeden - | 226
6 Aug 2010 #18
great, I would like to try your food.
pgtx 29 | 3136
6 Aug 2010 #19
i love food influenced by the's so tasty...!
i love dolma and ratluk...
gregor - | 38
9 Aug 2010 #20

The Canadians can set up a one-person company (Ltd) in Poland.
jonni 16 | 2476
9 Aug 2010 #21
You need to be a bit clearer.

There's no such thing as a "one-person company". Do you mean registering dzialanosc gospodarcze (self-employment), or setting up a limited company (spolka z o.o.), which as its name suggests, is a spolka, not one-person?
9 Aug 2010 #22
Limited company (spolka z o.o.) can be a one person firm but it is still spolka z o.o.
9 Aug 2010 #23
dzialanosc gospodarcze (self-employment)

I was talking about that when I said 'one-person company'. My understanding is that dzialanosc gospodarcze is not quite the same as being self-employed.
gregor - | 38
9 Aug 2010 #24
I mean sp. z o.o. (sole shareholder company).

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