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What is: Dzialnosz Gospodarka
4 - ZUS onus You won't be an employee anymore. You will be a company....

Lawstanman - 16 Dec 2011 peter_olsztyn - 16 Dec 2011
Bringing a Car to Poland from outside of EU?
What do you think of Polish market for Gardening products?
Polish passport for child of Holocaust survivor
10 - YES you can have dual citizenship. Parents must be of Polish decent....

Lawapolishjew - 28 Oct 2011 US Polak - 7 Dec 2011
Search Engine Optimisation in Poland - the same SEO rules apply?
Irish welcome on Polish building sites ?  2
47 - Which was..................

Lawuncle betty - 8 Feb 2009 RevokeNice - 30 Nov 2011
Charges on cash on delivery in Poland?
VoIP Business in Poland
Poland Carpentry Certification question .. !
Processing for divorce from a Polish woman ... need a help
Polish Zloty rates 2011
A Norway guy studying in Poland wants to bring his Pakistani wife to Poland. Visa for her?
23 - Yes You can apply with all proper required documents...

LawScorpean123 - 10 Nov 2011 786LawAssociats - 20 Nov 2011
Registration procedure of a new vehicle in Poland - I have 1 year flat contract and meldunek, is it enough?
Want to go back to India for my sister's wedding. Karta pobytu and immigration help.
3 - You were thinking about your free of charge entry to the EU?...

Lawpiku - 2 Nov 2011 sobieski - 7 Nov 2011
What is "prowizja" in a loan?
× What are chances for Poland to join in Eurasian Economic Community?  2  3  4
I'm looking for polish clothing brand "TATTUM"
6 - thanks a lot for your great help...

Lawspandan21 - 17 Oct 2011 spandan21 - 19 Oct 2011
How to register an Internet-betting site company in Poland
Polish Citizenship, do I have to travel to Warszawa (Warsaw) to get it?
13 - Is that true ? then in this case it is a bit stupid, reminds me of the old...

LawWielkiPolak - 8 Oct 2011 LwowskaKrakow - 12 Oct 2011
Government/EU Funding to start a new business in Poland (Warsaw)?
13 - Forget it. The EU isn't going to give you one grosz. Don't bother even asking -...

Lawcrusader - 28 May 2010 delphiandomine - 12 Oct 2011
Not earning yet but spending from previously earned money and other Poland tax issues
Staying in Schengen - are American exempt from the 90-days-in/90-days-out rule?
Difference between an expat and a immigrant (or permanet resident) in Poland  2
Foreigner needs recommendation for a bank in Warsaw, Poland
Designing Company from Kiev starting business/ Opening Company in Poland.
Is it REALLY that easy to get car insurance in Poland ?
What's the best way to transfer £20,000 into PLN  2
Setting up SPZOO and SPK in Poland
16 - You should go with a Spółka komandytowa ....

Lawjohn5951 - 22 Sep 2011 Wedle - 29 Sep 2011
How deep is the Gloom in the Poland's Economy  2  3
Is having private students in Poland legal? Or a registration as self-employed is required
Organisations that deal with domestic abuse within families in Krakow?
how much should a babysitter in warsaw cost?
An Unpaid Fine For J Walking Issued By Police In 2007. Still on my record?
How to report and find the consultants in Poland
Foreign bank interest and Poland taxt office - ensure you declare gross interest accounts
The Zlotych v the Swiss Franc
What is better for money exchange - EUR to PLN in Germany or PLN to EUR in Poland?
18 - 1 euro = 4,26605448 złotego polskiego Zloty is weakening....

LawDepox - 7 Aug 2011 milky - 9 Sep 2011
Polish Visa questions - will they let me back into the country?
Is running a business in Poland very profitable?  2
How Much Does It Cost To Form a Political Party In Poland?
How to obtain "prawo jazdy kat B"?
Child support in Poland:is the income of the father's spouse taken into account?  2
Buying a world war two motorcycle in Poland to import to Ireland
Poland on its way to Greece?  2
Kaczyński doubts the Euro currency will survive  2
Some advice needed on NOT having my personal tax allowance deferred to next year
The Polish Government Tax Office - need a phone number or email
Three cities battle for IBM service center - In Poland
Which currency is better for Poland and the Eurozone? Euro or Zloty?  2
SMEs are the engine room of the Poland's economy. Do they get the respect they deserve?
Changing 'residency' from Wroclaw to Warsaw - Anything to watch out for
3 - UUGGHHH....that does sort of ring a bell!!!!...

Lawvndunne - 12 Jul 2011 vndunne - 12 Jul 2011
"FART" shop in Poland - WHAT DOES THIS SHOP SELL?  2
55 - Fart shop, or F-art shop. Sells art material....

Lawwildrover - 14 Dec 2008 dtaylor5632 - 12 Jul 2011
Tax in Poland - tricks to avoid PIT?  2
Being taxed as an EU citizen (when working in Poland)?
Those of us in Sterling GBP are having our backsides kicked  2
Medical Check for Polish Driving Licence
Honda civic 2009: Adjustments to fit Poland's rules?
$1 = 3 zł?

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