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US citizen staying beyond 90 days in Poland
Last Wills & Testaments - witness(es) needed for a will in Poland?
What kombi/estate car to buy in Poland?
Buying an old car in Poland and bring it to Italy
Percentage of Profit for my Business-Partner in Poland...?
Zloty vs US Dollar for relatives in Poland?
What exactly is the "Ksiega Wieczysta" Nr.??
Open a little cafe in krakow ! Any tips
Why do local municipalities in Poland take your birth certificate when you get married?
Tax to Poland from US non resident company
9 - So, what are the best options for me, in your opinion?...

LawAppreciate4Life - 24 Oct 2012 Appreciate4Life - 28 Oct 2012
Lloyds TSB International rejects Polish residents
Virtual Polish Mobile Number
How do i locate a polish company?
how do i change my Polish last name  2
40 - Start adding a ski to the end of your name Diazski . Problem solved....

Lawbrelnis - 9 Aug 2006 markskibniewski - 21 Oct 2012
Was married in Poland and now I'm looking for a fast divorce
4 - Don't do that its a big mistake. Do it in a UK court and don't let anyone tell...

LawJaffacakefuel - 17 Oct 2012 Ant63 - 18 Oct 2012
Famous brands which had to give up Poland
I am married to a Polish citizen. How can I get residency?  2
36 - i'm looking for the same information and with this post i found some answer, thankyou...

Lawgeoffreysinclai - 14 Dec 2010 wishmaster - 17 Oct 2012
Poland Residency, Marriage, Divorce, Kids
Help with marriage requirements in Poland
Online Payment in Poland
The place of Ceramics factory and equipments?
4 - Thanks, There is not available in allegro....

Lawsunhp - 8 Oct 2012 sunhp - 9 Oct 2012
Official statistics sites related to Poland?
Banking tax Procedure in Poland
Stała Karta Pobytu and how to protect it in Poland
Fast divorce in Poland?
Starting a seasonal work agency in Tricity....
Stay in Poland after Divorce- Yes or No?
Starting a private College in Poland - procedures and information
15 - contact me for college in poland 00447830308199...

LawRobert Brown - 7 Jan 2011 aliamersy - 30 Sep 2012
Polish citizenship claim (father naturalizes as a citizen of Poland)
Selling product to restaurants/ supermarkets
where to register my self (PESEL) in Krakow!
The cost of vehicle tax in Poland ?
5 - Presumably that's for A/C; fully insured....

Lawfatihy - 23 Sep 2012 Orpheus - 23 Sep 2012
Fags going up 60 groszy
13 - They were in a freight train box car....

LawPolonius3 - 21 Sep 2012 teflcat - 22 Sep 2012
Retail chain pricing in Poland?
10 - Rag heads and laundry workers?...

LawPolonius3 - 17 Sep 2012 ShawnH - 18 Sep 2012
Temporary residence in Poland (registration, legal title for apartment)
5 - Thanks! hopefully the owner will help....

Lawhani42 - 18 Sep 2012 hani42 - 18 Sep 2012
SKOK Stefczyka?
Do I have to register a company in Poland? (paid online networking community + books + coaching)
4 - What's the odds on Bob working at Blackstones?...

LawIntender - 9 May 2012 frankel - 14 Sep 2012
The Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012
Bank Charges for incoming funds
A bank that suits my priorities?
Proposal to make Education subject to VAT
8 - How did it all end?...

Lawdelphiandomine - 13 Nov 2009 pawian - 8 Sep 2012
Rights of the Foreign consumer in Poland
Legal Change of Name After Marriage (I'm UK, she is Polish)
Biz in Poland - foodstuff export out of Poland
Polish Contracts
Paperwork needed in Marriage in Poland!!
US company want to open a branch office in Poland
Need advice on name change (from English to Polish)
Where is Warsaw's CBD?
3 - Thank cms. Just wondering when you say 'the station' do you mean Centralna?...

LawNewbyNew - 30 Aug 2012 NewbyNew - 1 Sep 2012
Polish Passport and Polish Citizenship (dual with American)
14 - Thank you so much for this information !...

LawJennagee88 - 19 Aug 2012 MimisPapa - 30 Aug 2012
Canadian born looking for help obtaining a Polish Passport
PESEL number form. Could you tell me what this means and what I need to fill in?
8 - It is - all you need to do is ask there. Depending on the place, it will either...

Lawashywildflower - 28 Aug 2012 delphiandomine - 28 Aug 2012
HELP - Polish Tax on undeclared money from family
Moving back to Krakow: PESEL, bank account, passport, TEFL, work, accommodation
Opening design architecture studio warsaw (license, legal matters)
1 euro = 4,46637049 złotego polskiego
"Good" Polish Bank ?
How can I qualify for an EU/ Polish/ German citizenship as a US citizen?

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