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Getting registered in a house in Poland after getting married to a Polish citizen?
Companies public information in Poland
Getting married to a Polish woman - paperwork?
The Euro, is it a good idea for Poland?  2  3
Info Karta stalego Pobytu - the procedure?
Net earnings after tax in Poland
Polish - Colombian marriage
Demand for business space in Wrocław seen increasing
Starting a charity/foundation in Poland
8 - aussiechick, are you still in Poland working on this?...

LawAussiechick - 17 May 2012 danikapolish - 6 Feb 2013
Zloty lifts Poland's Economy  2
European Law in Poland to register UK cars
Obtaining comments to Polish legislation (trying to arrange wedding in Poland)
Dual citizenship (Mother forced to renounce Polish one)
Do legal agreements I'm party to in Poland have to be in my native language to be binding?
5 - Useful tips, thank you/...

LawInWroclaw - 21 Jan 2013 InWroclaw - 24 Jan 2013
Poland's Court System (divorce case) - what would you do?
Before we buy the next t-shirt in Poland...
3 - Yeah. I know about Awaaz, its a Trade Union kind of a thing, but its not really helpful if...

LawLodz_The_Boat - 15 Jan 2013 Lodz_The_Boat - 15 Jan 2013
US Financial Firms in Poland
Is there some way to extend the residence permit here in Poland? I have a tourist visa.  2
Refund bill- kaucja in Poland
Poland economy is slowing down - how does it affect you?  2  3  4
Do i need to pay any tax in my case?
The 'Secret' of Poland's Economic Success  2  3
83 - I...smell...nonsense ;-)...

LawHappymeal - 15 Feb 2010 4 eigner - 9 Jan 2013
Tax rates after I open a "Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością" (LTD)?
Driving a Poland's registered car in the EU ?
Very Strange KCP (Karta Pobytu) case!
UK dad - Polish mum - getting a child checked for paternity reasons... Poland
Healthcare for British Citizens living in Poland
You do not need to fit winter tyres according to Polish law.
Options on Car Insurance in Poland - No Claims history from UK (LHD)
How can i get Poland residence card? Moroccan married to a Polish citizen.
Process for buying a car in Poland - VAT, additional costs
Polish Tax System - Canadian moving to Poland
what is well-off in Poland
Selling Industry Carrots in Poland?
Lokaty in Poland
Poland - 55th best place to do business
3 - ha yeah, wait till it makes the top 30 that will royaly fcuk the place up....

Lawpolonius - 18 Nov 2012 Wroclaw Boy - 18 Nov 2012
Ease of doing business in Poland  2
Selling used furniture and appliances in Poland
7 - I have sent you my contact details by email....

Lawrdhir - 13 Nov 2012 rdhir - 13 Nov 2012
How to renounce citizenship of Poland?
US citizen staying beyond 90 days in Poland
Last Wills & Testaments - witness(es) needed for a will in Poland?
What kombi/estate car to buy in Poland?
Buying an old car in Poland and bring it to Italy
Percentage of Profit for my Business-Partner in Poland...?
Zloty vs US Dollar for relatives in Poland?
What exactly is the "Ksiega Wieczysta" Nr.??
Open a little cafe in krakow ! Any tips
Why do local municipalities in Poland take your birth certificate when you get married?
Tax to Poland from US non resident company
9 - So, what are the best options for me, in your opinion?...

LawAppreciate4Life - 24 Oct 2012 Appreciate4Life - 28 Oct 2012
Lloyds TSB International rejects Polish residents
Virtual Polish Mobile Number
How do i locate a polish company?
how do i change my Polish last name  2
40 - Start adding a ski to the end of your name Diazski . Problem solved....

Lawbrelnis - 9 Aug 2006 markskibniewski - 21 Oct 2012
Was married in Poland and now I'm looking for a fast divorce
4 - Don't do that its a big mistake. Do it in a UK court and don't let anyone tell...

LawJaffacakefuel - 17 Oct 2012 Ant63 - 18 Oct 2012
Famous brands which had to give up Poland
I am married to a Polish citizen. How can I get residency?  2
36 - i'm looking for the same information and with this post i found some answer, thankyou...

Lawgeoffreysinclai - 14 Dec 2010 wishmaster - 17 Oct 2012
Poland Residency, Marriage, Divorce, Kids
Help with marriage requirements in Poland
Online Payment in Poland
The place of Ceramics factory and equipments?
4 - Thanks, There is not available in allegro....

Lawsunhp - 8 Oct 2012 sunhp - 9 Oct 2012

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