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Picking up a child from preschool in Poland. How much should I charge?
PESEL & NIP in Częstochowa?
10 - There is no more NIPs for private people. AFAIK since January 2012....

Lawhapika7 - 1 Sep 2013 kpc21 - 3 Sep 2013
Mobile Contract in Poland for a British Citizen
Tax on income from the UAE. British passport, Polish permanent resident.
How do I arrange a Dowód Osobisty / ID card in Poland?
10 - Syria ,I'm also croatian not yet . I used to speak polish when I was little...

Lawlukaszpoznanski - 10 Apr 2010 dany_moussalli - 25 Aug 2013
E (electronic) Signatures - how do I get one in Poland?
3 - Thanks kpc21 :o) ZUS registration online and probably some other stuff!...

LawInWroclaw - 12 Aug 2013 InWroclaw - 13 Aug 2013
Driving in Poland on a foreign license  2
45 - NOT TRUE!!!! You cannot register a RHD car in Poland!!!...

Lawjasiek2000 - 1 Jan 2008 spujals - 7 Aug 2013
Divorce recognition in Poland through an English / EU court?
Would Polish people use a cattery?
On-line Shopping - Opinions on On-Line Shops In Poland.
3 - anything accepting money bookers??...

LawCardno85 - 29 Jul 2013 local_fela - 2 Aug 2013
Obtaining Dowód Osobisty on my Karta Stałego Pobytu? Or do I have to obtain Polish citizenship first?
Energy retail prices in Poland - supplier switching
× Is this Russian connection to Allegro a SCAM or real?
Motorcycling Business In Poland
How much alcohol can I bring to Poland?
6 - Ah, didn't realise I was addressing a member of the szlachta ;)...

Lawjhs - 15 Jul 2013 Anthonycasey - 16 Jul 2013
Making a Polish ad online on a website to find / search for people?
Opening "Budke Gastronomiczna"  2
37 - Correct, you tried warburger yet?...

LawKazikowski - 10 Jul 2013 poland_ - 13 Jul 2013
Polish licence question: theory and driving test? Cost and lenght of the process?
NEED HELP for opening Wine distribution business in Poland
Poland presidential election: Voting abroad?
Poland Tax inspection?
Polish Citizen born in the USA attempting to get Polish Birth Certificate and PESEL
How can an Indian guy live with her Polish gf in Poland? Citizenship, visa after marriage.
trying to leave Poland with a traffic ticket
What does the Indian passport get when getting married to the Polish? Driving license?
U.S. Citizen Living In Poland - How To Get Non Immigrant Spousal Visa From Poland?
Problem with Polish customs releasing package because I don't have a pesel.
3 - Passport number has always worked for me....

LawDarko - 6 Jun 2013 Harry - 7 Jun 2013
Private information being disclosed by Pekao Bank
Poland KRS (Police Background Check) form / records
16 - Yes....

Lawdtaylor5632 - 22 Jul 2010 delphiandomine - 27 May 2013
Importing a car to Poland... from Mexico?
Does Poland acknowledge Malaysian and Japanese driving licences?
3 - Thank you so much for the information!...

LawEthaniel - 24 May 2013 Ethaniel - 24 May 2013
Refused credit for having a wrong residency card in Poland
I got a job in Poland, but there's no work permission
Paying tax in Poland
Looking for investment ideas/options in Poland 150k-200k CND
What would be situtation of Polish residence card if I would change the university?
Polish resident card questions (got accepted at Jagiellonian University)
Allegro - Search by Postal Code missing
4 - Aha - found it! Thanks!...

LawBLS - 29 Apr 2013 BLS - 1 May 2013
Registration and obtaining a PESEL number in Wrocław
Small earnings registration in Poland
Civil law court case in Poland - can a witness be forced to attend?
Want to live with same-sex partner in Poland? Long-term residency.
Procedures to open college in Poland with studies in English.
Bringing dollars to Poland, what interest rates can I negotiate?  2
Do I really need an accountant when I'm self-employed?
what is the deposit amount insured in Poland by the banks
Bank accounts taxed by up to 10%. Can it happen in Poland?  2  3  4  5
150 - Jon and what is the reason for your aggression?...

Lawpoland_ - 18 Mar 2013 FilipPZC - 8 Apr 2013
Can my partner get dual Polish Citizenship via marriage?
Here's an idea... I have multiple last names after marriage!
Taxes for Sp. z. o. o. in IT area
13 - That is true....

Lawalexpetrov - 2 Apr 2013 golas - 4 Apr 2013
Need Help.... Italian moving to Poland - registration of residence
Driving Licence in Warsaw - how many times? (foreigners)
Poland's job offers advertising salary less than a minimum wage?
Millennium bank question
13 - They could depending on a deal between banks, so you better make inquiries....

Lawclifborder4fm - 20 Mar 2013 zlotnicki - 28 Mar 2013
Krakow IT and Outsourcing
Marriage and Visa (Polish girlfriend with US guy)
Sell my books as private person? Tax question
Establish Polish Market
Buying and registering a car from Germany in Poland
Residence and work permit for a Turkish citizen student in Poland - I want to stay longer here
4 - thanks for the information fellas...

Lawistannbullu34 - 21 Feb 2013 istannbullu34 - 7 Mar 2013

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