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Registering in Poland for a NIP tax number?
Where to obtain license plate in Poland? How long it takes?
22 - How is having a private number plate spoiling yourself?...

Lawryanb - 23 May 2013 Wroclaw Boy - 31 Oct 2013
Firewood in Poland - what was the price per cubic metre?
Weapon Law in Poland: what kinds of knives are legal?
4 - The kind you wouldn't use to kill someone despite your worst intentions....

Lawkeith_rabid - 29 Oct 2013 AdamKadmon - 29 Oct 2013
U.S. Citizen Moving to Poland - opening business?  2
To get Temporary Residence in Poland is very difficult even though I'm married to a Polish citizen!!
I love Poland very much, how long does it take to get a Permit of Residence?
International student from Poland traveling to Norway on Karta Pobytu?  2
Personal contents insurance in Poland?
Changing contract without consultation? Advice on EU/Polish employment law needed.
How can I find out if a Polish citizen owns a property?
Landlord in Poland entitled to break in, change locks after non payment of final month's rent?
Sole Trader Registration for Non-Poland Resident
Accounting in Poland, business venture  2
Can a EU citizen participate in Referendum in Warsaw?
Opening an English bookstore in Poland - what are the prospects and profitability?
we are thinking to open asian bistro/ take away in wroclaw
Poland Internet & TV cable firm call to say they have put TV price up from 1zl to 11zl
10 - You are correct. So its all sorted now....

LawInWroclaw - 26 Sep 2013 poland_ - 27 Sep 2013
How many times you are allowed to get married in Poland ??
4 - [b]Harry[ I will be against. Thanks for help....

LawPoorguy - 16 Sep 2013 Poorguy - 22 Sep 2013
problems with registration a company in poland
12 - ...yet that person nonetheless collected their pay:-0...

LawKate7777777 - 7 Aug 2013 Wlodzimierz - 21 Sep 2013
Getting EKUZ/EHIC card for university if no Poland residence?
RE: Apostillization/Legalization of Documents by Polish national to be used in India
Polish citizen wife wants to apply residency permit in Poland....
Which Polish cell phone (+ Internet) operator is the best?
Value of Zloty and UK £ in Poland
21 - Weak retail sales for August in the UK....

Lawsimpix - 10 Jan 2013 poland_ - 19 Sep 2013
Joint Bank Account with my wife (PKO BP in Poland)
Work contracts in Poland (contract agreements across all employers?)
3 - work contract in a manufacturing sector for engineers with masters degree....

Lawajay devgan - 17 Sep 2013 ajay devgan - 17 Sep 2013
Investors/Entrepreneurs.. Steer Clear of Poland.  2  3
Unemployment aid in Poland for an EU citizen
14 - I can be a man and admit that I was totally and utterly wrong. Met the OP last night...

Lawkepler - 28 Jun 2013 delphiandomine - 13 Sep 2013
Opening a bank account and buying a car in Poland (account in Euros, car tax, insurance)
Rada Gminy - idea to stand as a councilor in Poland
Any experience about importing goods to the UK from Poland?
Picking up a child from preschool in Poland. How much should I charge?
PESEL & NIP in Częstochowa?
10 - There is no more NIPs for private people. AFAIK since January 2012....

Lawhapika7 - 1 Sep 2013 kpc21 - 3 Sep 2013
Mobile Contract in Poland for a British Citizen
Tax on income from the UAE. British passport, Polish permanent resident.
How do I arrange a Dowód Osobisty / ID card in Poland?
10 - Syria ,I'm also croatian not yet . I used to speak polish when I was little...

Lawlukaszpoznanski - 10 Apr 2010 dany_moussalli - 25 Aug 2013
E (electronic) Signatures - how do I get one in Poland?
3 - Thanks kpc21 :o) ZUS registration online and probably some other stuff!...

LawInWroclaw - 12 Aug 2013 InWroclaw - 13 Aug 2013
Driving in Poland on a foreign license  2
45 - NOT TRUE!!!! You cannot register a RHD car in Poland!!!...

Lawjasiek2000 - 1 Jan 2008 spujals - 7 Aug 2013
Divorce recognition in Poland through an English / EU court?
Would Polish people use a cattery?
On-line Shopping - Opinions on On-Line Shops In Poland.
3 - anything accepting money bookers??...

LawCardno85 - 29 Jul 2013 local_fela - 2 Aug 2013
Obtaining Dowód Osobisty on my Karta Stałego Pobytu? Or do I have to obtain Polish citizenship first?
Energy retail prices in Poland - supplier switching
× Is this Russian connection to Allegro a SCAM or real?
Motorcycling Business In Poland
How much alcohol can I bring to Poland?
6 - Ah, didn't realise I was addressing a member of the szlachta ;)...

Lawjhs - 15 Jul 2013 Anthonycasey - 16 Jul 2013
Making a Polish ad online on a website to find / search for people?
Opening "Budke Gastronomiczna"  2
37 - Correct, you tried warburger yet?...

LawKazikowski - 10 Jul 2013 poland_ - 13 Jul 2013
Polish licence question: theory and driving test? Cost and lenght of the process?
NEED HELP for opening Wine distribution business in Poland
Poland presidential election: Voting abroad?
Poland Tax inspection?
Polish Citizen born in the USA attempting to get Polish Birth Certificate and PESEL
How can an Indian guy live with her Polish gf in Poland? Citizenship, visa after marriage.
trying to leave Poland with a traffic ticket
What does the Indian passport get when getting married to the Polish? Driving license?
U.S. Citizen Living In Poland - How To Get Non Immigrant Spousal Visa From Poland?
Problem with Polish customs releasing package because I don't have a pesel.
3 - Passport number has always worked for me....

LawDarko - 6 Jun 2013 Harry - 7 Jun 2013
Private information being disclosed by Pekao Bank

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