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Is Betta fish fight illegal in Poland
Will traffic fines law like in Finland make Polish roads safer?
Agricultural business. Registering as self employed in Poland.
Time Required to process/receive an International Wire Transfer Sent to Poland?
Am I supposed to get notice in USA if I have an arrest warrant in Poland?
7 - Lonelytourist, I've sent you a PM....

LawLonelytourist - 17 Mar 2015 jon357 - 18 Mar 2015
Clocking cars and importation to Poland  2
Car Insurance in Poland - any company that will honour British no claim bonus discount?
Cheapest BUSINESS bank account in Poland for a small business?
Limbo between Polish citizenship and EU passport for an American
How much would I have to earn before paying the tax office in Poland?
Polish citizen returning to Poland after 26 years - Zameldowanie Question?
7 - If you don't visa to stay in Poland you don't need it but you may need it to sort...

Lawmarek125p - 27 Nov 2013 UncleGoodAdvice - 4 Mar 2015
Legal limits of tuning a car performance in Poland
2 - In Poland the law allows you to do mods on the cars. You can see plenty of them on...

Lawfatihya - 1 Mar 2015 UncleGoodAdvice - 3 Mar 2015
1920 Law - Certification/Registration. I am looking to obtain Polish citizenship.
Public holidays: Good Friday / January 2 / Sundays - do companies work in Poland?
Starting small local shop in Poland - the steps?
Online Polish banking (in English)
Looking for confirmation of Grandfather's citizenship...
Kat C+E license in Poland - exchanging a USA drivers license for Polish
Demand Draft payments in Poland
Registering residence without renting or owning?
Polish mother, British father, is it possible to obtain dual citizenship?
Buying and legally using second hand car in Poland; I'm EU citizen
Employment contract question - part-time teacher in a language school in Poland
4 - Discrimination? On what grounds?...

Lawpudddddin - 21 Jan 2015 Shaman - 27 Jan 2015
Online kantory in Poland
UK connected flights and Karta Pobytu (non-EU country)
Can my Canadian girlfriend live with me if I'm a Polish citizen?
Poland's Visa Information on Business Registration & Running
2 - Check with the local embassy...

Lawqamdin - 18 Jan 2015 ufo973 - 19 Jan 2015
Price on printed pack of product sold in Poland differs from barcode & shelf price. System.
To which Poland's Urzad Skarbowy do I belong to?
EU (British National). How long can I stay in Poland?
My chef salary not paid yet - Poland's National Labour Inspectorate can help?
Setting up a manufacturing business in Poland (grants and process involved); available channels of investment?
Applying as refugee in Poland - how much pocket money will government give?
Marrriage with my best friend (a girl from Poland) for papers. What are the chances of getting caught?
Starting a car junkyard in Poland
PRE-WAR BONDS and CURRENCY issued in Poland -- ANY VALUE?
9 - try this:

LawPolonius3 - 8 Jul 2009 Funky Samoan - 26 Dec 2014
Moving from Bulgaria to Wroclaw (registration, job, school, local legislation)
Testaments (Wills) in Poland - leave people specific things or only percentages/fractions?
Incorrect data on Polish resident card
Karta Pobytu - Is the plastic card only given to non-EU people?
8 - go to the urzad wojewodzki and ask for it....

Lawmelanie22 - 15 Feb 2014 ivnp71 - 21 Dec 2014
Exporting horses from Poland
Consumer credit rating from US to PL/EU
Top SME Support Organizations in Poland?
Retail shop, Import tax on textiles, Clothing, Perfume and other to Poland
13 - Import tax - check this site: ... Income taxes: ... I'm not sure if Poland is a...

LawNeil Warsaw - 16 Dec 2009 Looker - 7 Dec 2014
Registering a Business in Warsaw - Location of office?
Wills. How much time is needed to wait after the death and funeral before the will is dealt with in Poland?
What is the current decision on lands taken from ancestors (Kresy) near Lwow?
VAT on service imports from USA to Poland
5 - TheOther,I agree my bad:)...

LawTeemu - 8 Apr 2010 pigsy - 1 Dec 2014
Need Advice on Writing a Business Letter to a Business Person in Poland
Required Polish eng translation for the State of Freedom certificate?
A question about divorce - how to get it from my ex who left Poland to Germany?
Agricultural subsidy in Poland and European Union (investments in livestock)
Damaged documents. Poland VISA and Work permit information
Polish Governmental Bureaucracy on Permanent permit of stay.
Poland's green card for American, and citizenship question
Process involved in the transfer of a work-permit?
Are banks from Poland safe?  2
Term deposit in USD - bank suggestion in Poland?
How much should American dad that makes 407k PLN pay in child support?
Advice needed on non payment of supplied goods in Poland - do I need to contact a lawyer?

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