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Non-EU citizen Temporary Residence: Regular and stable income clause
Driver license: Moroccan/UAE into Polish exchange / convention. Zameldowanie (residence registration)
My late fathers Polish will made in 1987
9 - and how would I do that, exactly? Love, it's a public forum. I think you will...

Lawjanieski - 22 Mar 2016 rozumiemnic - 22 Mar 2016
Moving to Poland with Business
Dual citizen getting married in Poland
Transferring inherited land to relatives in Poland?
Starting Bar / Restaurant Business in Poland
Leasing a car - is this common in Poland?
What is the procedure of immigrating to Poland as a spouse of a Polish citizen? Citizenship through marriage.
11 - So you have no idea what you'll do here and no idea how to do it, but you...

Lawzev1985 - 19 Jul 2015 delphiandomine - 19 Mar 2016
In Poland on residence card (married to Polish girl) want travel to UK for 2 weeks!
16 - In Poland on residence card (married to Polish girl) want travel to UK for 2 weeks!...

Lawbluebird2015 - 27 Oct 2014 cabdul81 - 18 Mar 2016
Can an unpayed electricity bill in Poland be a problem for visa?
File complaint against Poland's police  2  3  4
Do banks in Poland accept bank drafts issued by a foreign bank, in Polish Zloty?
Rental Contract Price increse during contract in Poland - What are my rights?
Lost my work permit in Poland - How do I get a duplicate?
Taxes (and national insurance contribution) for self-employment in Poland?
Polish Visa Questions from an American Student
Advice on rights for an unborn child in Poland
British man Marrying Polish Woman in POLAND
Certificate of no impediment to marriage in Poland -- Can't issue in my country.
Polish residency card - how long to request a new card after losing the old one?
Help with info regarding create a company in Poland
4 - Thank you so much for your help guys :-) I hope we can close this agreement with our client...

LawCreationCompany - 23 Feb 2016 CreationCompany - 25 Feb 2016
Business in Poland and Polish reality, How are you doing in Poland?  2  3
Polish wife in the UK cheated on me. Divorce - what now of the kids?
Establishing of IT company in Poland - fees, translations, law company, partners?
A general question about inheritence and will - (no debts) - properties in Poland and England
Internet provider in Poland - signing a contract with my foreign passport
9 - @Veik: so if you have a EU passport and are white, easier to deal with them ;). Yes,...

Lawsinanalhabobi - 19 Feb 2016 InPolska - 21 Feb 2016
Am I eligible to apply for Poland's Dowod Osobisty? I am British.
British living in Poland - tax treaty with the UK?
Foreigner Driving Polish registered Car in Poland - is it Legal?!
Questions regarding providing a paper proving place of stay in Poland for work permit process
Karta Pobytu - Residence Card - Problem with address
Sabbatical holidays policy in Poland and employment contract
13 - @Pol Attorney: 100% agreed! No problem to fire anyone on long leaves ;).......

LawCuriousOne - 8 Feb 2016 InPolska - 9 Feb 2016
Does one have to pay customs in Poland when shipping goods which were purchased online and in EU?
Import and export of vehicle. From Middle East to Poland via UK or better directly?
Police in Poland call me 3 days after i report an lost of Phone in a Bar
Running a Car in Poland as a UK visitor - purchasing, registering and insuring it being a non-resident?
Wife runs off with a child from Poland to England after splitting from her husband. Education of their son.
Poland's Zloty 43% undervalued
Which banks in Poland offer saving accounts in Swiss Franks?
Purchase a car in Poland without further registering it (I want to move it abroad)
Boyfriend overstayed 90 days in Poland - will he get a fine or deported?
Prawo autorskie - copyright / trademark of a business name in Poland
Preferred online store for purchasing Electronics Item in Poland
22 - So basically an advert....

Lawksanjay - 9 Oct 2008 jon357 - 8 Jan 2016
British national studying in Poland - need a Russian visa, what to do?
4 - Try here -

Lawcharlotte112 - 4 Jan 2016 delphiandomine - 7 Jan 2016
Living in Poland for the purpose of studying entitles me to apply for Karta Stałego Pobytu (permanent card)?
Can I pay my company tax through UK rather than Poland?
Biggest supermarket chains in Poland vs Germany
Information on which documents are needed to obtain a visa for a visit to Poland (non EU citizen )
Changing student status to worker in Poland - possible problems and solutions
Poland's form of Government - 'the winner takes all'
If I buy a flat in Poland, do I get residence permit?
Transferring money between Polish banks - is the address, postcode and town/city required?
Drinking in a parked car. What the Poland's law says?
24 - ok so it seems to be down to being in a public or private place, guess if we have...

LawDougpol1 - 5 Dec 2015 dolnoslask - 18 Dec 2015
UK driving license mess in Poland  2  3
Apostille stamp in Warsaw
26 - Most expensive photocopies of my life!...

Lawlove_sunil80 - 1 Apr 2010 delphiandomine - 17 Dec 2015
English-speaking bank in Warsaw ?  2
Need pesel number, any advice gratefully received

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