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Dual passport (EU, non-EU) and residence registration in Poland
Statistics of crime rates in Poland
What banks are people using in Poland?  2
Looking for law help of business balance with a person from Poland
3 - And how is that helpful - the OP is in China...?...

Lawiris777 - 23 May 2016 Jardinero - 24 May 2016
DERA AGRA Poland scam international trade? Want to know bank account.
Agencies for residence permit application in Poland
Query of Polish Wedding Register - is it possible to get it online? Or only in person in Poland.
Any possibility to stay in Poland - refugee status in Germany denied (I am Muslim)
Need help with Allegro in Poland, I'd like to sell a few things.
A Polish bank that doesn't rip u off.....
Polish Income Tax Payable on Inheritance for UK Citizen
26 - Thanks for all your help guys....

LawSuzy23 - 29 Apr 2016 Suzy23 - 7 May 2016
Receiving a speeding fine (via camera) in Poland with a British licence
Confirming (or denying) Polish citizenship? My paternal grandfather was Polish.
British citizen applying for residence permit in Poland (procedure of registering)
Can a Polish woman get divorce from another country?
How much is the fee for a divorce lawyer in Poland?
Your experience as a foreigner running a small business in Poland  2
Question Regarding Property "Sales Tax" in Poland (Canadian and Polish Citizenship)
Wash and Wax cars business in Poland
3 - Little but not in Poland from this I ask about rules here, hope you can help me :)...

Lawmatrixdaewoo - 18 Apr 2016 Matrixdaewoo - 26 Apr 2016
EU nationals with a child and in cohabitation - long term Poland registration questions, job offer
Laws against "Misrepresentation of Goods" in Poland
Buying an English Plated Car in Poland
I have overstayed my visa and been banned from Poland. Is leaving Schengen zone and coming back a solution?
Do Americans need to pay double tax on earned income in Poland?
Is it easy to launch a technology startup company in Poland as a foreigner?
How to bring your savings to Poland
In Poland, are debts passed on to next of kin when a parent dies?
Bring Ashes of Deceased Mother to Poland
Brit/Pol divorce. Husband - British, non resident Poland. Wife - Polish resident, Poland.
10 - No. Not in the slightest. The only thing is that if it's a concordat wedding (i.e., one that is...

LawBrit/Pol divorc - 5 Apr 2016 delphiandomine - 6 Apr 2016
U.S.C. Requesting birth, death and marriage certificates. Any laws or restrictions?
Blue Card - How long can I stay in Poland after I resign from my work?
From A1 motorcycle license to A license in Poland?
List of banks from Poland offering free ATM withdrawals and spending worldwide?
12 - try HSBC BANK...

Lawbros - 15 Nov 2013 porky pok - 29 Mar 2016
Please help with applying for a Polish Social Security Number.
8 - Could you be any vaguer? :-)...

LawOlivkovitch - 30 Apr 2010 Lyzko - 29 Mar 2016
Non-EU citizen Temporary Residence: Regular and stable income clause
Driver license: Moroccan/UAE into Polish exchange / convention. Zameldowanie (residence registration)
My late fathers Polish will made in 1987
9 - and how would I do that, exactly? Love, it's a public forum. I think you will...

Lawjanieski - 22 Mar 2016 rozumiemnic - 22 Mar 2016
Moving to Poland with Business
Dual citizen getting married in Poland
Transferring inherited land to relatives in Poland?
Starting Bar / Restaurant Business in Poland
Leasing a car - is this common in Poland?
What is the procedure of immigrating to Poland as a spouse of a Polish citizen? Citizenship through marriage.
11 - So you have no idea what you'll do here and no idea how to do it, but you...

Lawzev1985 - 19 Jul 2015 delphiandomine - 19 Mar 2016
In Poland on residence card (married to Polish girl) want travel to UK for 2 weeks!
16 - In Poland on residence card (married to Polish girl) want travel to UK for 2 weeks!...

Lawbluebird2015 - 27 Oct 2014 cabdul81 - 18 Mar 2016
Can an unpayed electricity bill in Poland be a problem for visa?
File complaint against Poland's police  2  3  4
Do banks in Poland accept bank drafts issued by a foreign bank, in Polish Zloty?
Rental Contract Price increse during contract in Poland - What are my rights?
Lost my work permit in Poland - How do I get a duplicate?
Taxes (and national insurance contribution) for self-employment in Poland?
Polish Visa Questions from an American Student
Advice on rights for an unborn child in Poland
British man Marrying Polish Woman in POLAND
Certificate of no impediment to marriage in Poland -- Can't issue in my country.
Polish residency card - how long to request a new card after losing the old one?
Help with info regarding create a company in Poland
4 - Thank you so much for your help guys :-) I hope we can close this agreement with our client...

LawCreationCompany - 23 Feb 2016 CreationCompany - 25 Feb 2016
Business in Poland and Polish reality, How are you doing in Poland?  2  3
Polish wife in the UK cheated on me. Divorce - what now of the kids?
Establishing of IT company in Poland - fees, translations, law company, partners?

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