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z Tadeusz Brominski. The first z has me confused.

rlscott63 4 | 21
4 Apr 2013 #1
an article written by someone would you say z Tadeusz Brominski it's the first z that has me confused

also Seasons of the year .......Pory Rok albo Proy Roku......which one....

Dzięki za pmocs
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
4 Apr 2013 #2
Pory Rok albo Proy Roku

Pory Roku
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
4 Apr 2013 #3
An article written by someone – artykuł, napisany był przez ...............
No z, z means with. In this context Polish works the same way as English where you say either with someone (z kimś) or by someone (przez kogoś), no difference.

Proy Roku – In this case rok takes on genitive form (kogo? czego?) hence u at the end. Perhaps if you think of it in terms of the different times of the year it might be easier for you to grasp this concept and pose the right question (different times of what? Of the year) where (pory) means different times and the question (of what) tells you what ending you should use for the year.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
4 Apr 2013 #4
Maybe it was a typo.

Sincerely, zz topski
OP rlscott63 4 | 21
4 Apr 2013 #5
Thanks for your help. The above on pory was a typo.

I am doing a Polish presentation in Power Point called Pory Roku

by Ryszard Skotkski.........z Ryszard Skotkski ......there are are a few things that mean by


Maybe I missed what was said above. If so I apologize as Polish is not the easiest language but I have no choice as I will be there in the fall. My wife can speak the language but her grammar really is questionable that is why I have turned is by far the best site for anything for Poland. The Canadian housing market is about to take a major nose dive. I have completely redone my house for sale this spring. I understand the nature of the Polish real estate market as it still has further to go in its correction. My charting analysis pinpoints late in the fall of 2015 for a bottom to 2001/2002 levels. I am lucky in that my wife has family in the Warsaw area that actually own real estate that we will rent next to nothing. Dziękule na czy ..still probably wrong......lub ja wiem that as long as I keep trying it will come so any help with Polish is appreciated.

What I am looking is to put my name on the bottom of a presentation that says "Done by Ryszard Scott".....this can't that be that be honest English is easier. If I am can get the help needed to get through this next period of my life I will gladly offer up any knowledge of the transition in the future. What is nice (piękny) is that if this website did not exist to help people in many different topic areas, there really would be no place to go with regards to what is currently happening in Poland. I am greatful even though I know the journey ahead of me is one that mój żona considers trudny. Me on the other hand look at it a little differently. I just turned 50, so I tell her that I have no problem going but I am not coming back.........I see the day when Poles will return home enmass because the West ( aka developed countries) is falling apart. I do not see Poland taking the Euro and as result the economy will actually become stronger in the years ahead. Anyone living in a developed country who decides to retire in Poland in the years ahead will do very well.

So any help that people can people can me give now I will return later. This is grateful heart who understands that the help from others in one period of time may make a contribution during another period of time to give back is essentially what life is really about. It really is about helping. We go through different periods in life where we both give and take but understand the meaning of both........My father once told me that if I am able to help someone in my life time to really achieve something even though I may have been only a piece of the total I have made a contribution but he also said that there will be periods during your life where your will need to seek out the help of others. Just remember that there are two sides of the fence taking and giving....and it only works that after a period taking one has to have a period of giving and visa versa.

My heart really is with this board at the moment during my time of need..........but also realizes the giving back tha will be needed in the future to continue to help that site flourish. God has given me my gifts in life...I need to learn from a teacher but when the time come need to be the teacher in a humble state so pupils can learn. So your help going forth will be very much I realize that once my journey to Poland stabilizes I will be in position to to give back....Very good site...Proszę nie czy lose it soon.....still learning

Richard Scott

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