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Polish Swear Words

altern - | 2
25 Feb 2008 #691
Slawek yes, but

God - male
Matka Boska - female

so you can also say "O mój Boże" which means literally "o my God"
27 Feb 2008 #692
Cholera actually became a swear word in Poland as the word for the disease Cholera. It was such a feared disease and so many died from it that it became a frightening word or a 'bad' word. Cholera.

'Cholera' is quite innocuous. Actually, I'd put it among the very few expletives that will not raise anyone's eyebrows when used in a cultured conversation.
The translation of "bastard" only applies to "ty cholero!", but you hear this word more often in sentences like "Cholera, I've forgotten my keys again", "Cholera, where is it? I can't find it."
A nice read anyway.

osiol 55 | 3,921
27 Feb 2008 #693
I was wondering about 'bastard' - typically a fairly light swear word these days, it is a word that isn't necessarily all that offensive. 'You bastard.' can be said in quite a joking way without causing any offense. 'Poor bastard' can even mean you feel sorry for a bad thing someone has gone through.

How can this sort of swearing be translated into Polish?
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
27 Feb 2008 #694
matko boska!

holy Mary!

she is not a 'female' God...

'You bastard.'

ty draniu/ty chamie

'Poor bastard'

not sure... biedny drań?
Hiro - | 33
27 Feb 2008 #695
You bastard.

We can translate it also to:

'Ty gnoju' or 'Ty gnojku'.

Imho 'gnój' is a little bit stronger then 'drań'.

Poor bastard

Imho better is: 'nędzny gnojku' or 'nędzny chamie'
Davey 13 | 388
27 Feb 2008 #696

Does this word sound as rude in Polish as it does in English?
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
27 Feb 2008 #697
nah drań isnt so bad, it used to be years and years ago. you can also say 'skurczybyk'

osiol wrote:
Poor bastard
Imho better is: 'nędzny gnojku' or 'nędzny chamie'

poor bastard is someone who's a bastard but you feel sorry for them. nędzny is crappy or lousy.

i heard English people were called pommy bastards. is that something very bad? ;)
Hiro - | 33
27 Feb 2008 #698
nędzny is crappy or lousy

Aye. It makes sense.

you can also say 'skurczybyk'

Thats what my dictionary said: skurczybyk: son of a gun.
I've never heard that! Can somebody confirm that ppl use this phrase?
osiol 55 | 3,921
27 Feb 2008 #699
i heard English people were called pommy bastards. is that something very bad?

It's better than being an Australian. Note how there is no standard term British people have to insult Australians. This is because such terms are below our high standards. That is unless were are calling them Kangaroo Felchers or Wallaby W***ers. I think it is best not to go into insults based on nationality, although I imagine there are terms used by Polish people to describe Germans, Russians, Lithuanians and so on.
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
27 Feb 2008 #700
terms used by Polish people to describe Germans

we call them Szwaby lol. my bloke told me Australians call the English pommy bastards, but couldnt tell me what pommy meant/derived from cos he didnt know. its interesting that its only exclusive for Australians to use. it would sound funny if i called my work mates pommy bastards. i call them sh*t kickers instead ha ha.
osiol 55 | 3,921
27 Feb 2008 #701
Szwaby - does this mean anything else?

Pommy/Pommie may come from Prisoner of his Majesty, Prisoner of Mother England. It may come from Point of Migration East (as opposed to West - the Caribbean or other parts of the Americas that had also been used for penal colonies).
szarlotka 8 | 2,208
27 Feb 2008 #702
The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) strongly supports the theory that pommy originated as a contraction of "pomegranate". This is interesting if true as it implies that Brits ate pomegranates when we sailed south but limes when we crossed the Atllantic.
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
27 Feb 2008 #703
Note how there is no standard term British people have to insult Australians.

I thought it was JAFA ?
( Just Another........)
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
27 Feb 2008 #704
Well literally Szwab is a resident of a historic German region Szwabia (ger. Schwaben, eng. Swabia), but in Polish szwab is a pejorative way of calling a German person, instead of nasty German you say szwab. Or szkop.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
27 Feb 2008 #705
The funniest was at football games, 'stawaj ty chuju kurwa' was a fan favourite. Sorry, I just don't feel the strength of these words, they're amusing
28 Feb 2008 #706
I gues you know that beceuse you
osiol 55 | 3,921
28 Feb 2008 #707
Time for another swearing-related topic from me.


We've all heard of prefixes: un- / re-/ de- / dis- / pro- / anti- / pseduo- ...
We've all heard of suffixes: -tion / -ise / -ish / -ographic...

I occasionally pop in an infix. These don't normally exist in English - where you add something into the middle of a word. The target word has to be long enough to justify having this extra portion added. It is normally a fairly innocent word that just needs a little spicing up for the occasion.

pathetic > pafuckingthetic
education > edubloodycation
cumulonimbus > cumuloshittynimbus

Now here's the part that is relevant to this 'ere forum. Can you do this in Polish? Would the rules be fairly similar. Notice how the English examples above have the infix placed before either the primary or the secondary stress in the target word.

I did try this once (to the amusement of those who heard it) but I can't remember now exactly what I said. But like in the following two examples, I'm fairly sure I used our old friend 'kurwa'!


Am I just being silly? Am I just a bad donkey who should be sent to his room with no carrots for dinner? Or am I making a serious linguistic inquiry?

Your thoughts please!
28 Feb 2008 #708
a bad donkey who should be sent to his room with no carrots

No carrots forever ! :)
28 Feb 2008 #709

Just couldn't contain yourself, huh?
Mirna 1 | 3
1 Mar 2008 #710
I heard once: Idz pod latarnie.

What is it?
Nothing good I presume
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
1 Mar 2008 #711
Idz pod latarnie.

go stand under a lamp post (like you were a prostitute). not good lol
Polka_Time - | 3
3 Mar 2008 #712
Poćalie mie dupe!!! (kiss my ass) HAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! ;)

-Probably incorrect spelling on that first word-
Filios1 8 | 1,336
3 Mar 2008 #713
Poćalie mie dupe!!!

*Pocałuj mnie w dupe.
Polka_Time - | 3
3 Mar 2008 #714
HAHA, dziękuje masz for replying to my comment so quickly!!! I desperately need to learn Polish, and I plan on doing so by purchasing a Rosetta Stone CD-ROM to help me out. My mother doesn't speak Polish as well as she understands it from her childhood years, considering she's second-generation Polish-American. I'd love to adapt to the language whenever possible, but you're always welcome to help me out in the meantime!!!

Pleased to meet you!!

Filios1 8 | 1,336
3 Mar 2008 #715
dziękuje masz

*Dziękuje bardzo.

No problem kolego, and just post when you need help. There are a lot of friendly people on here that can help.
Good luck with learning the language.
7 Mar 2008 #716
im a cipa


I Have A A**Hole Of A tutorr... Tell Me How To Cal Him A DI ccck Heaaad
Bla - | 27
8 Mar 2008 #717
This topic is so long, i couldn't read it all ;) So, I don't know if anyone wrote about many other "p" "k" and other letter- words ;) I'll add some to the initial list in this topic... ;)

pierdolić - to fuck, but also to say bullshit

odpierdolić (się) - to fuck off, but also to "dress up" big time ;) or trying to look good but looking funny. Also odpierdolić (coś - something) to do something stupid/crazy. And again "Odpierdolilo mu" - he lost his fucking mind.

spierdolić - to fuck up and also to run

napierdolić - to beat up or to get drunk (napierdolić się)

napierdalać się - to have a fight

podpierdolić - to steal or to give somebody away (like to police or something)

wypierdolić - to throw away, but also to fuck somebody good

upierdolić - to get dirty (się) or to tear off something (coś). Sometimes also to get drunk

zapierdolić - to kill

dopierdolić - to beat up

opierdolić - to give someone a lecture/speech (?)

spierdolon(y)/a - broken


Now k-words ;)

kurwić się - to earn a living by prostitution or just for a woman to fuck all the time with different guys

zakurwić - to steal something or to hit someone hard
wykurwić - to hit someone hard
skurwić się - to become a whore / loose honor by doing something
podkurwić - to get a bit angry
wkurwić - to get really angry ;)
wykurwisty - fucking awesome

wkurwion(y)/a - very angry/mad

Now "jebać" - same as "pierdolić"

jebać - to fuck
zjebać - to fuck up or give somebody a rough speech
rozjebać - to break something or to beat someone up
wyjebać - to fuck somebody good or to throw away
dojebać - to beat somebody up or to say something hilarious ("No to żeś dojebal...")
najebać - to get drunk
ojebać - to steal from someone
podjebać - to steal something or to give somebody away
zajebać - to steal something or to kill somebody
ujebać - to get drunk (się) or to tear off something (coś)

zjeban(y)/a/e - broken, not working, but also fucking tired
wyjeban(y)/a/e - thrown away but also fucking awesome
jebany - fuckin


Now some other nice words
kutas - dick
chuj - dick
cwel - faggot, somebody serving time in prison without any dignity/honor who's being raped or serves as a sex slave to other prisoners. Very ugly word (one of the worst), throw it at somebody and if he's not an absolute pussy expect to get beaten up without further explanations ;) If you are a man, and you hear that thrown at you and you don't hit the guy straight in the face as hard as you can, then he was probably right about you ;)

ciota, cipa, pizda - pussy as female sex organ as well as somebody who's being a pussy also a fag (ciota)
dziwka, kurwa, szmata, suka - whore, bitch

dupa - ass
dupek - asshole

There are many more, hard to remember all at once ;) I wrote down most popular/abusive ones. There are also some sayings hard to explain if translated directly, quite many of them, for example

chuj - dick
pan - mr. , sir, owner, lord, god, etc.

"Do chuja pana" - "shit/fuck"
JustysiaS 13 | 2,239
8 Mar 2008 #718
i am impressed Bla, good job on the Polish swear words dictionary!
9 Mar 2008 #719
pizda hahahahahahaha
Bla - | 27
9 Mar 2008 #720
What's so funny about it? ;)

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