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"..Spotykamy vs. spotkamy sie ....."

Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
27 Sep 2013 #1
In an article featured on the first page of the Polish "Kurier", the advertisement for the Pułaski Parade on Oct. 6, read "Spotykamy się 6. października 2013 na 5tej alej..". I was wondering if the reason for the text reading in the imperfective is that it's an annual event which takes place regularly, therefore, it's a constant as opposed a once-in-a great-while occurence.

Is this correct?
Ziutek 9 | 160
28 Sep 2013 #2
No - it's simply the present tense. Polish, like English, can use the present tense to express future plans. In English, it would probably be more natural to say, "We are meeting on the 6th October", than "We will meet on the 6th October". Similarly in Polish.
OP Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
28 Sep 2013 #3
Somehow wouldn't have imagined that a newspaper could've made such a basic mistake.
Thanks for confirming my suspicions that "SpotYkamy się.." makes grammatical sense within the context of the sentence:-)

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