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How to say Merry Christmas in Polish?

22 Dec 2013 #61
Dobrze or dobra, or dzien dobry
Wulkan - | 3,243
22 Dec 2013 #62
Dobje or Dobjhe ?? Thank you Ben Ardanowski 3rd Generation American of Polish Grand Parents... Dobshe ?? or Gin Dobri??

can you make your question more coherent?
OP Guest
24 Dec 2014 #63
The easiest way I find to learn anything in polish is using google translate. My boyfriend corrects me on occasion (as it's never going to do anything perfectly) but it's easier to listen and repeat, rather than phonetically reading whatever has been written.
Starlight - | 5
23 Dec 2015 #64
Merged: merry christmass in polish to loved one

hello all,

I am searching for a natural way to say merry Christmas and some good wishes in Polish to send as a card to my boyfriend. it is our first Christmas together so, i want to surprise him with something unique.

Can you help me please? Thanks!!
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
23 Dec 2015 #65
merry Christmas

Wesołych Świąt, Kochanie. Zasyłam Ci gwiazdkowych całusów bez liku!

Happy Christmas, Darling. Sending you loads of Yuletide kisses!
Starlight - | 5
23 Dec 2015 #66
@ Polonius3

Thank you veryyyy much!

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