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Polish Santa Claus (vocabulary)

likepolish 1 | -
16 Nov 2012 #1
The Santa Clause in Poland comes 6th of December. He brings presents to all the good children. For Christmas they get presents again from the Angel or from the Baby Jesus.

Santa Calus - Święty Mikołaj
presents - prezenty
children - dzieci
bag - worek
broda - beard
reindeer - renifer
sleigh - sanie
We are waiting for Santa! - Czekamy na Świętego Mikolaja!
Polanglik 11 | 303
17 Nov 2012 #2
Santa Calus - Święty Mikołaj

I don't believe there is a Polish Santa Claus .... only a St Nicholas :o) ...... and I think there is a thread already running discussing this.

As a young boy with Polish parents, growing up in England in the 60's/70's, December 6th was a very special day for my brother and myself as well as all the other children of Polish parents; it was the day St Nicholas came and left presents by your bed, or you went to a local hall where St Nicholas (a parent dressed up) would make an appearance and give out presents to all the Polish boys and girls.

It's a tradition I am continuing with my own two young kids.

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