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Pomówić usage

imano 10 | 42
20 Oct 2013 #1
I'm reading this grammar book and came across this sentence:

"Jesteś moim studentem już od trzech lat. Możemy więc pomówić szczerze."

I checked the meaning of "pomówić" = slander, accuse.

The meaning doesn't fit. Could it be that the book is not using the word "pomówić" right or it has another meaning? If it does, I want to know.

Zibi - | 336
20 Oct 2013 #2
Polish verbs have aspects: perfective and imperfective. Pomówić has indeed two meanings: to falsely accuse but also: to talk. So in this case, 'pomówić' is a perfective aspect of a verb "mówić" and it means the same as: porozmawiać.
20 Oct 2013 #3
. Możemy więc pomówić szczerze."

We must therefore talk/speak honestly.

I checked the meaning of "pomówić" = slander, accuse.

I haven't seen this definition of it, but basically pomówić means to have a talk, to speak.
OP imano 10 | 42
20 Oct 2013 #4
thanks a lot :). So if i replaced "pomowic" with "porozmawiac", would the sentence still have made the same sense?
Zibi - | 336
20 Oct 2013 #5
Yes it would.

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