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Just started dating a woman from Poland; how to learn Polish language?

muttley84 2 | 3
22 Apr 2014 #1

im just started seeing a Polish women online.
i want to make her feel special so im learning Polish
to speak to her in her tongue.

she speaks english very well but for the future me learning Polish can only be a plus

still very early days but im learning some Polish

any advice for me in regards to what i should learn first?

i know a few words & i have audio-books etc

any other advice would be great.
this girl is special & i want to win her heart
p3undone 8 | 1,135
22 Apr 2014 #2
Well I can't speak Polish,but I wish you all the best.just remember she's a woman,and treat her accordingly :)
4 eigner 2 | 831
22 Apr 2014 #3
yeah, no abuse after 10 PM or you'll get in trouble with your neighbors
(LOL) .......................kidding
22 Apr 2014 #4
just to add and start kissing hands:) will make her feelovable and cultural
smurf 39 | 1,981
22 Apr 2014 #5
don't do that, she'll think you're a freak.
People haven't done that here since before the war.

Why do you think she has to be treated any differently just coz she's Polish, treat her how you'd treat any woman you're dating.
Arts - | 22 Moderator
22 Apr 2014 #6

You can find many threads about learning Polish here at Polishforums, just use search field: Learn Polish.
MBShrekito - | 1
16 Feb 2017 #7

Help learning Polish in Gdynia

I have just started working in Poland (native English speaker).

What is the best way to learn Polish from your experiences? Any teachers out there? Happy to help with English in return.



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