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Polish online slang phrases?

NiuniaOlunia 2 | 2
25 Feb 2014 #1
I'm 100% Polish. I'm from America and I been learning Polish for a few years now with a lot of help from family. My family knows Polish but they don't know how people use Polish online. As in slang. Like "Laughing out loud" as lol and in Spanish, q is short for "que". What are some commonly used "slang" or shortened words in Polish that are used online? I'm 22 years old and of course people I speak to online (mostly have some sort of shortened slang. Also, in German people type "hahaha" as "hihihihi" and Spanish as "jajaja" is there any special way Polish people type hahaha? I know it's probably based on the sound of the language. These are probably very odd questions but after learning Polish so long, I don't want to look dumb not knowing what someone my age says. I know the "old school" Polish, before the internet.
Wulkan - | 3,243
26 Feb 2014 #2
is there any special way Polish people type hahaha?

kpc21 1 | 763
26 Feb 2014 #3
Sometimes I meet ZTCW (z tego co wiem) which means AFAIK.
But most common are acronyms from English like BTW, LOL, ROTFL, IMO, WTF etc.

This is on forums. In instant messaging popular are e.g. z/w (zaraz wracam - brb), ocb (o co biega? - meaning something like: what do you want from me?). And some ones from English too - like thx.

It's easier to meet something taken from English than the Polish one :-)
26 Feb 2014 #4
CWP- Chwala Wielkiej Polsce
Glory to the Great Poland, in this way Polish nationalists often say their goodbyes on the internet, :)
Know it from an experience
cinek 2 | 345
27 Feb 2014 #5
CWP- Chwala Wielkiej Polsce

Don't confuse with CHWDP
Kowalski 7 | 621
28 Feb 2014 #6
pa pa - for bye bye
witam - very cold hello
kc - I love you
Lightning seeds - | 2
11 Sep 2016 #7
Please can someone translate this for me "nas laski Biegaly w szpilkach" is it a compliment or insult?
mafketis 29 | 9,539
11 Sep 2016 #8
I'm assuming the orignal was "nasze" not nas which makes no sense. If it was nasze then:

Our girls ran in high heels.

Laski implies the girls are cute or hot, so.... compliment?

If you put the sentence into google images it will give you a good idea....
Lightning seeds - | 2
11 Sep 2016 #9
Thank you Mafketis it makes a little more sense now given the background.
12 May 2017 #10

Funny polish phrases

What are some funny, strange, or offensive phrases in Polish?
johnny reb 30 | 5,237
12 May 2017 #11
In Polish - "Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy"
Lyzko 30 | 7,519
15 May 2017 #12
"Babcia pierdzi, chlop smierdzi."


(More of a silly old saw really, than a current slang phrase.)

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