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Listening to music and learning Polish

5 Feb 2011 #31
miejsce Polska, system samowolka
cel to forsa, w tym tkwi sekret
biorę co los da, życia made in Polska
to jest moje miejsce bo kocham to miejsce

grubas 12 | 1,390
5 Feb 2011 #32
miejsce Polska [...]

Location Poland,system anarchy
The goal is money,that's the point
I take what fate gives,life made in Poland
This is my place because I love this place
5 Feb 2011 #33
My 0.02: (and the first Polish track I think I ever learned)

Kazik na Żywo - Prawda

Won't give you the translation on a plate - spend some time with it and work some of it out first
littl3missweird - | 1
15 Feb 2011 #34
hey i was wondering if someone can help me find this song
i dont know who sings it or the right lyrics but i going to right down how i think the song goes
i been trying to find this song since around 2003
i heard it on a tape that my dad friend gave him he said it was polish
it goes

yay ko ha na ta ke ro
i am not go with spelling it out
but i know it sounds like a guy and a girl singing its a slow type rock song
plz if anyone can help
Malopolanin 3 | 133
16 Mar 2011 #35
[Moved from]: Listening - excellent exercise for students of Polish language

What this man says? Try to guess.

Nicktutor110 - | 1
16 Mar 2011 #36
Hi...Where can I find Polish music lyrics???
I wanna find the lyrics of "Ewa Farna-Skladanska", but can't find the way to download it. thanks a lot.
Stu 12 | 522
16 Mar 2011 #37

Try "lyrics Ewa Farna" ... it gives more results in google.
chichimera 1 | 186
17 Mar 2011 #38

And he even corrects himself - as if that could help.
I know someone who speaks like that guy. I was told it's because he was electrocuted as a child
Taisiya 1 | 3
1 Jul 2014 #39
Merged: Suggestions for Polish Pop/Rock Music to listen to ( I am learning Polish )

I'm now learning Polish through Podcasts but I want to find some catchy awesome tunes to listen to that have some good lyrics and upbeat too. Today I got into Mela Koteluk, Artur rojek, Kasa Popowska). Any suggestions?
sobieski 107 | 2,128
1 Jul 2014 #40
Good old evening classes, heavy dose of Polish grammar?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
1 Jul 2014 #41
MrTinlin 2 | 6
2 Sep 2015 #42
Merged: Polish Songs for Learning the Language

Hey everyone,

I want to allow some time in my day to try a new method of learning Polish for me. Basically I want to listen to songs in Polish, read along with the lyrics, translate the lyrics and eventually understand the song, pronounce the words well and use them in conversation outside of the songs.

The problem is, it is not that easy to find a list of the type of songs I am looking for. I would prefer some slower songs to begin with, they must be all in Polish and it would be great if they had some story to them.

So please give me some suggestions!!
Yantina - | 17
3 Sep 2015 #43
Hello MrTinlin,

This method works for me :)
It's how I learned my first words in Polish.
Ofcourse I don't know what genre you like,but these are some of the songs I started with:

Feel (artist)
-Jest już ciemno
-Akustycznie w ciemnym klubie
-Zostań ze mną
- Jak Anioła Głos
They have more great songs

Kamil Bednarek
- Cisza (and ofcourse the parody - Sklep z winem u ani ;) )
- Spragniony
- Uciekam w słowa

Letni, Chamski Podryw
- Bigos
-Pomidorowa (I don't know where to find the lyrics,because it only was released yesterday)
Rai 1 | 19
6 Sep 2015 #44
I have also been using this method..I have been able to sing Polish songs, not sure how good are my pronunciation, but I am going to link one of my many videos below lol

18 Jan 2017 #45
My Dad's Filipinki album puts me in the mood. "Jedziemy Autostopem" is my fave. The girls enunciate the words to their songs very clearly.

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