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Polish Lessons Units

21 Nov 2013 #181
WOW thank you so much ! you're brilliant! find these so helpful :D
spanish - | 3
23 Nov 2013 #182
I downloaded every single video on youtube related to polish, lol. I found a trick, while downloading that video, it maybe not have the extension .mp4 correctly, So as u download it write at the end the extension.mp4 nd then save, it worked for me.

19 Aug 2015 #184
Merged: Polish lessons - lekcje polskiego

Hi guys!
My name is Jarek. I am native speaker of Polish language. I am creating a course of Polish language on youtube. I would like to share it with you. Here is an example lesson:

And playlist with all lessons made so far:

Please tell me what you think, maybe there is something you would like to learn about. Any feedback will be appreciated :)

Yantina - | 17
20 Aug 2015 #185
Hey Jarek!

Nice to see you here :)
I've seen most of your videos.
In fact,they were the first videos I've watched when I started to learn Polish language,about 5 months ago.
Very helpful for learning the basics.
20 Aug 2015 #186
You're welcome Yantina :)
piotrga - | 4
6 Sep 2015 #187
It's probably worth mentioning that there is a new blog "Learn a Polish Phrase per Week" where you can learn new useful Polish phrases every week. It contains audio as well.
22 Oct 2015 #188
I would really like to recommend POLAND school. In this place we can meet the best experts, who are truly helpful and willing to explain every detail, if you ask them. Native speakers have also experience in working with different kind of people with various personalities and strategies of learning, what I think is really important. I truly recommend.
4 Nov 2017 #189
What happened to unit 3? restored

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