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Polish Lessons Units

Ronek 1 | 261
8 Sep 2007 #61
did you watch the lesson units which are in this thread in previous posts ??

if yes and you have still no idea how to pronounce stuff. well I might find some time when Iąm back at home at lets say about 8pm GMT time. so i could give u 5 mins. of my time on skype.
Mala_Elf 13 | 17
8 Sep 2007 #62
You are very nice.

I can pronouce some Polish but I cannot understand at all =( But I have trouble with wrds like przyjaciolka i pszczola and words in which the consonants become frikative in front of other consonants, etc. Maybe I don't even know what I am talking about. I don't have a good grammar book. I just taught myself with very little...

I might have mispelled frikative but I am too lazy to look it up at the moment, even though I don't like to spell incorrectly.

Sometimes I wish I could write in Polish on here =(

What is Skype?
Ronek 1 | 261
8 Sep 2007 #63
its a program that enables voice communication. put 'Skype' in google to find it.
8 Sep 2007 #64
Sometimes I wish I could write in Polish on here =(

you would get told off if you did outside translation threads and if it didnt related to something being explained in polish . i try ... keep at it mala_elf you will get there in the end i have been learning almost a year in november and i am about to start learning russian,german and spanish as well :)

skype is a pc to pc program you can use to talk over the internet to people .. type skype in google and check it out i use it .. need to use more to get more polish speaking practise done :D
plg 17 | 263
8 Sep 2007 #65
cheers janus i found your stuff brill
sledz 23 | 2,250
22 Sep 2007 #66
Ah ha!! see if helps

its a good beginning:)

hey Sly try they have a free download with basic words
PolishPoles - | 1
10 Oct 2007 #68
Cool! I notice the first ones of the Alphabet in the first slide are German. That' part of the Polish alphabet is it?
Thanks for the sounds. Been looking for Alphabet sounds.
The 2 Z's with teh dots or whatever over them, how do you know when to use them?
OP janusz 5 | 53
11 Oct 2007 #69
guess who's back ;D

urszula 1 | 253
11 Oct 2007 #70
The letter J? like Janusz?
osiol 55 | 3,922
11 Oct 2007 #71
guess who's back

I can stop holding my breath now.
Welcome back and thanks again.

I notice the L in jablko being pronounced.
I've not heard this before.
Should I learn it this way or take the usual shortcut?
OP janusz 5 | 53
12 Oct 2007 #72
You can say “japko”. When I speak it on normal speed you would probably hear “japko” as well. But when I speak it slowly then I automatically pronounce it right, I guess.

Unit 22: K

zibo - | 55
12 Oct 2007 #73
mmm jabol. good ol' days...
natalka - | 46
13 Oct 2007 #74
thank you ^_^
very very much!

this is exactly what i was looking for ;)

Incredible work. ^_^
Simple Sound + Photos + Written words = easy to learn and understand!

Lovely Janusz! Thanks again!
OP janusz 5 | 53
14 Oct 2007 #75
thank you ;D

Unit 23: L

Unit 24: £

Vincent 9 | 806 Moderator
14 Oct 2007 #76
Thanks Janusz...these videos are much appreciated.
14 Oct 2007 #77
Freaking GREAT - I am teaching myself polish and coming across your video things here is awesome - for those of us teaching self ( like an idiot) i will say that i wonder if could also get a shot of someones mouth actually saying the word to - I mean Not complaining at all this will help me tremendously I am sure - I was just making a slight suggestion :) Thanks so much - I love Polish so much :)
A66J40 - | 3
14 Oct 2007 #78
You are the Greatest - thanks for this - I love Polish and the Poles hmmmm and yes I would buy too - but free is much better for the Likes of me but still -
aureliusland - | 1
17 Oct 2007 #79
I can't see any link :(
What can i do?, can anybody send them to me?
my mail address is vos2323@gmail

Snow Queen - | 10
20 Oct 2007 #80
Thank you for this - it has made learning so much easier. I love them. Its helped me recognise some of the pronuciation better. hope theirs more.
postie 7 | 112
23 Oct 2007 #81
Cheers for these vids, as others have said, it makes it so much easier to learn Polish. For me, all of my Polish has been picked up from working (or drinking!) with Poles who I work with.... so it's very much "learnt by ear". To have it shown like this suddenly makes it seem less formidable...

Thanks! :)
OP janusz 5 | 53
31 Oct 2007 #82
unit 25 - M:

unit 26 - N:

unit 27 - Ń:

unit 28 - Ni:

moonmustang 2 | 46
2 Nov 2007 #83
THANK YOU!!!! This is awesome. I've been sitting with my paper trying to pronounce the alphabet and thinking this was going to be very hard :o) You helped me a lot.
3 Nov 2007 #85
Absolutley bloody fantastic...............
Many many thanks.
If you ever get to Glasgow, let me know........the drinks will be on me for the evening.
osiol 55 | 3,922
3 Nov 2007 #86
I liked some of the other videos found on the same youtube site.
When you're learning off work colleagues, there are some questions about the language that you don't really like to ask, but you feel you need to know the answers.
OP janusz 5 | 53
4 Nov 2007 #87
Thank you Gary. I would be very happy to :) I could use some help from you:
4 Nov 2007 #88
check this

interesting janusz will read through those later on after done housework lol

keep up the excellent work mate :) you are a star *
Rakky 9 | 217
8 Nov 2007 #89
I just found this thread today, after reading a response to an introduction that directed that person here. SWEET! This is awesome! I can't wait to get home to try them out. I think this is going to be a major jump-start in my learning to speak the language of my forefathers - thank you so much, janusz!
Indya - | 19
18 Nov 2007 #90
I am trying to learn Polish and about to make a decision to buy some language leanring aids...I have Pimsleur already but want something a bit better in terms of grammar..

can anyone tell me which is a better deal..Rosetta Stone or the complementary Learn Polish in 3 months.. and Advanced Polish by Hugo .. Thanks for the help

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