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What a krzyki! Is someone messin' with some automated translation services?

InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
30 May 2012 #1
Not Screams - it's Whispers!
Is a mischievous or bored person altering translations from Polish to English, or is it a real estate agent keen to not scare off English-speaking buyers? On the latter, I am only half-joking - nothing much would surprise me. With some online translation services, users can input their own ideas on "better translations".

Take the Microsoft translation for this property for rent in an area of Wrocław known as Krzyki.

As you can see from the screen-capture I have attached, MS Live Search Translate changes the word Krzyki not to "screams" which is, as far as I know, usually the correct translation (although some dictionaries say it means "shouts"), but instead, to "whispers". A far nicer word for English-speakers perhaps, when thinking of buying or renting property in an area!

"Scream" - although positive to some in that it can mean having a ball, having a good time or laugh, is far less of a positive word in regards to real estate sales than the English word "whispers", - a word which suggests quiet and calm, peace and tranquility to a much greater degree than the other word.

If you walk around Krzyki you will see the usual graffiti that many parts of Wrocław has, and when last I checked in plain English there was still the now quite old scrawl "South Screams hooligans" on a garage wall by an apartment block.

Even if this translation error is somehow a quirky accident, I find it intriguing and amusing because it seems so unlikely to be accidental.

(The correct word in Polish for "whispers" is I think "szepcze". Google Translate has the word with its correct meaning, by the way.)

cinek 2 | 345
30 May 2012 #2
Why one would want to translate the name at all? The place is called Krzyki, no matter what language are you using.
Can you imagine a Pole visiting the US and asking where is the place called "Anioły" or "Kolumb" or "Bawół"?

OP InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
30 May 2012 #3
Good point, Cinek. A place name is a place name, but with the auto-translation of all words this happens. But why the wrong word - in fact which is the opposite in meaning?

You do see the area called "screams" on graffiti in the area, in more than one place. Some locals use English for some reason.
cinek 2 | 345
31 May 2012 #4
Reg the MS Live Search, I think the translation software is just poor quality.
On the page you referenced it also mistranslated 'Dolnośląskie' as 'Poland' and 'Numer referencyjny ogłoszenia' as 'reference no posts' (should be 'post's reference no').

And reg. the graffiti, it can be just local youth slang. People sometimes do it just for fun.


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