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Where can I find audio of polish words

7 May 2007 #1
I've been trying to learn polish for a couple days now, and I think I'm getting the consonants and vowels down. But I would like to here them being pronounced. Can anyone help me out?
Big Rob - | 70
7 May 2007 #2
Waterstones the bookstore sell a CD of basics. Cannot remember the name. Sorry. Look in the language section. If there is not a local one, try online. Other than that I am absolutely of no use!
7 May 2007 #3
there are many threads with details of where to find all the information but as i cut and pasted it to print it out here it is again

i have added information in brackets.

all the above has been taken from various places in this forum that can be found by using the search feature (we prefer not to duplicate content). Thank you though :).
Dagmara 1 | 38
9 May 2007 #4 is the best
10 May 2007 #5
can be found by using the search feature (we prefer not to duplicate content). Thank you though :). Admin

ok admin ... me bad .. smack my hand!
Michal - | 1,865
27 May 2007 #6
They are expensive to buy but you can go to a good library or buy in perhaps on line? There is a series called EuroTalkinteractive-I am sure that you can pick them up in Computerworld but they cost nearly 20 pounds. I have one on Maltese, which cost me one pound at a car boot! They are really good and are easy to download. If you are in the U.K you may be able to get it on order via your central library. It will teach you lots of basic words and you can slow down the speed of the recordings. There are about three different levels but for you, the basic one would be just fine.
sledz 23 | 2,250
27 May 2007 #7
I have them on my ipod through transparent language prog.

You can download pimsuelr language polish for free off torrents....
27 May 2007 #8
pimsuelr language polish

i have this one on disc (10 lessons thirty mins or so long) american sounding not native speakers


also available on ebay -- i didnt rate them that much to be honest. Sounded robotic to me.

i have mp3 files on my pc and i also have the disc that comes with the czesc jak sie masz book :)
Michal - | 1,865
27 May 2007 #9
I think that most courses which are teaching basic vocabulary will sound a bit robotic but they seem to be good at teaching someone the basics of at least how a language sounds.

There is also a Teach Yourself book with a set of tapes and a Colloquial Polish by B.W. Mazur also with tapes that is very good. I bought a brand new copy, unused for £1 pound fifty pence at my local car boot! I will never use it and you can have it for free if you want. I have even got Learn Polish Now for a computer which I never use and you can have it too. I have loads of stuff, which I will never use again and will probably throw away.

Sounded robotic to me

Should be just up your street then!
28 May 2007 #10
Should be just up your street then!

so you saying im a robot!
now i am getting rather offended by your comments!
Michal - | 1,865
28 May 2007 #11
I simply suggested a good starting point in learning Polish words-a course entitled Eurotalkinteractive and you say that you do not recommend the course as it sounds robotic. Earlier, Matyjasz said that my Polish was good but sounded robotic so I imagine that your words are a copy of his. That is all!
28 May 2007 #12
i dont copy michal as i dont follow someone else - personally i made the remark as i have used the euro talk disk for beginners and basically i found it to be robotic sounding when i prefer native sounding material and in short i merely commented that i would not recommend it no one has to listen to anyones recommendations thats why they are there for others to make their own minds up.
Michal - | 1,865
28 May 2007 #13
It is a very good course to begin your studies of Polish and everybody has to start somewhere. Otherwise people just worry so much about which course that they never start at all. The best courses are the old ones anyway, long out of print. In Poland they produced some very fine courses with records (I still have a set). They are very good and I have never heard or seen anything better nowadays. When England had the old G.C.E. 'O'' levels standards were higher but since the emergance of the G.C.S.E.'s in the 1990's books have been rewritten in a somewhat childish fashion and that is a real shame. The original Teach Yourself book (no tapes) was a very good bookbeing written during the war years. In Moscow I had a copy annd each evening I would sit with my Polish girl friend and we would do a chapter together. People think that money and technology will buy them success but it is the work that they put in themselves that counts.
28 May 2007 #14
everybody has to start somewhere

i dont dispute that in the slightest, i learn via once a week lessons at college which touch on reading and listening this year than the speaking area.

I have the czesc jak sie masz book and cd and the pimsuelr one (which i got on ebay).

but it is the work that they put in themselves that counts

precisely and amen!
Michal - | 1,865
28 May 2007 #15
You are lucky if you have a college, which offers lessons. In London it may be easy but otherwise around the U.K. I would think that there are very few courses which would attract enough students to keep them going for long. At Guildford College, I was told by the receptionist, who was Polish herself until she left for another job, that the college is to start lessons in the next acamemic year. Motivation is the one thing above all other things, which will spell final success or failure. I had lessons in Guildford each evening with my Polish wife in the local pub, I would read a chapter and then we would sit down together and go through all the things I found difficult. It worked for me at both 'O' and 'A' level, though this is years ago. I think that maybe I married a Polish teacher rather than a wife! I do not have that 'get up and go' now though.
abdul jaroslaw
28 May 2007 #16
Michal - | 1,865
29 May 2007 #17
Yes, but is very very limited, better than nothing for a few of the very basics but you will not learn to speak a language from that material.
sledz 23 | 2,250
29 May 2007 #18
Yes, but is very very limited

get the full version.. its worth the 40 bucks it has a CD you can download into ipod

also has huge grammer and sentence construction section with audio pronuciation
adilski 2 | 105
29 May 2007 #19
Yes, but is very very limited, better than nothing for a few of the very basics but you will not learn to speak a language from that material.

indeed, find a partner from that region that is the best personal lesson you will ever get!
xXlisaXx 8 | 182
29 May 2007 #20
this is good type in the polish word then it says it back..........
FISZ 24 | 2,116
7 Jun 2007 #21
Try here:

Some helpfull stuff html
28 Apr 2010 #22
type: "polish words audio" into Google
flissiebell 1 | 13
8 May 2010 #23
hiya you can always find audio from bitlord and places like that, my ex downloaded a few cds to help me with my learning :-) ive been using them.
internaldialog 4 | 145
8 May 2010 #24
it depends on what you want downloading if audiobooks go to
and same for music if you will

for learning material i have a few i can happily send by email including the Colliqiual Polish PDF and audio and the Primsuler material or i will upload to rapids hare and you can grab as you will from there in your own time :)

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