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Dual, double, multiple, parallel language interface display options for digital devices and software

samotnik 5 | 7
25 Jan 2024 #1
I'm looking for ways to display English and Polish together on a user interface (UI) when using cell phones, laptops, desktop pcs, tablets (devices) and operating system GUI's, programs, internet browsers (software). This is for private personal language learning when using these devices and software on a daily basis for research, shopping, writing, reading, etc.

I'm aware when installing or upgrading an OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) that you can install multiple languages and even use physical keyboards for multiple languages - however you can't display both languages simultaneously for taskbars, menus, files and folders, shortcuts, etc when using an OS. Since I don't know all the meanings of words in Polish this will not help me learn in the method that works for me.

Using English and Polish as an example, you click on the taskbar in one language only and see "Start Menu" in English. I would like to see the same words in two languages displayed next to each other, probably one on top of the other:

Start Menu
Menu Startowe

Open File
Otwórz Plik

Create New Folder
Stwórz Nowy Folder


Please see this question about a similar concept for English and Chinese:

I'm aware this would take up more visual space in the OS GUI and I use widescreen monitors when working. I don't know why this isn't more common on computers and why we can only choose one language to use for an OS, GUI, software, etc. I'm unfamiliar with language learning software such as Rosetta Stone, maybe there are some that have a "dual language interface" that can be toggled between multiple languages.

For software I use Google Translate and other online web-based translators to work on a rough draft in English and then edit the Polish translation as needed. This is the only way I can write/type in Polish and a few other languages. I can see both languages in real time as I type and edit and both can also be entered via voice and listened to via sound and this is very helpful.

If I can't modify an OS GUI then this is the next best option.
I need to research offline translator word processing programs that use downloaded language libraries.

Some internet browsers also have extensions or a built-in prompt for auto-translating a highlighted sentence or entire webpage, but you can't view both the original (and translation in a different color) unless you open up two separate tabs or windows side by side.

Are there browser extensions, scripts or other options a programmer could create for dual language display?
Here is an example of something that gets close but not quite to what I'm looking for, it's a Chrome browser extension Word Sponge:

I'm not asking about using multiple programming languages such as Python, C, etc or troubleshooting glitches and problems with multi language support on an OS or keyboard. I mention this because it seems most of the search results I found after hours of searching are about that and not what I'm looking for.

I will update this thread with any further leads.

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