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Am I being detained? Equivalent phrase in Polish language.

18 Jul 2015 #1
Is there a equivalent of " am i being detained or am I free to go" in Poland
If so how do I say it?
18 Jul 2015 #2
You can try this below (best to print it on paper so that you don't have to say anything ;):

Jestem aresztowany, czy mogę pójść wolno?
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Jul 2015 #3
Czy jestem zatrzymany? Czy mogę już iść?
18 Jul 2015 #4
My best bet would be:

Detained - Zatrzymany do chwili wyjaśnienia - literal translation would be "Arrested until clarifying".

The question You've written in apostrophes would be: "Jestem zatrzymany czy mogę iść wolno?". It's most likely to-the-life translation :)

We're talking about Police 'aight?

PS. Comma in what You wrote, Nathans would be considered an interpunction error :)
18 Jul 2015 #6
Then You're mistaken too.

Either "Jestem aresztowany? Czy mogę pójść wolno?"(two sentences) or "Jestem aresztowany czy mogę pójść wolno?" (one sentence).
jon357 69 | 18,445
18 Jul 2015 #7
"Zatrzymany" is closer to the British word "arrested".
18 Jul 2015 #8
Hold into custody?
jon357 69 | 18,445
18 Jul 2015 #9
Remanded in custody is closer to "areszt", as in "areszt śledczy" although there are subtle differences.

The legal concepts differ as well as the actual procedures.
18 Jul 2015 #10
I dare to disagree. :)

You're right, Rubaszny and I was wrong. It's "zdanie wtrącone" in polish grammar and a comma has its right place here. Being native Pole still demends me to learn the language. I here stand corrected. Thank You.

Still the two examples i provided are correct grammar-wise. Or not? I have doubts about the "one sentence" one.

Thanks for clarifying, Jon.
jon357 69 | 18,445
18 Jul 2015 #11
No worries, I learnt these distinctions the hard way :-)

Although there are legal differences from place to place, it pretty much feels the same.

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