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Business Polish -need to learn fast!

3 Apr 2012 #1
Dear all,

I am more or less fluent in Polish, and can make myself understood speaking on a wide range of topics, but my task in a few weeks is to pass a Polish exam both written and oral. The level is B1/B2, and I should show that I know "buisness Polish". The written part scares me a bit, and includes both listening to a tape a writing a formal email, report or memo regarding the main topics and offering my advice on something to a firm. Also I get presented a text I need to read, and do the same; email, report, memo... In addition comes a oral presentation, and I am given a text, and again need to present main findings etc. during a 10-minute presentation.

What I am looking for is materials to prepare for this, and specifically texts, templates for documents, words/expressions specifically related to this type of presentation/writing that could be useful. In general I have prepared during the last weeks by reading business news, watching polish news and so on. Yet, now I need to really get to work on my writing, and hope to find some good examples that may provide me with inspiration and a head-start.

Appreciate all inputs, and will be forever grateful for your time spent on this.


gwiazdora - | 1
14 Apr 2012 #2
Dear Eric,

Check our online courses - if some lessons on B1 is interesting for you let me know on our office address. Maybe we can help you. We eleborated world's first business Polish course on line.


Dorota Gruza
Leopejo 4 | 120
18 Apr 2012 #3
Marzena Kowalska, "O biznesie po polsku", is aimed at your B1/B2 level.
tanamera - | 7
18 Apr 2012 #4
If you need I can check your notes or any bussiness correspondence.
I'm personal assistent since 10 yerars. Belive me, I have wirtten a lot of bussines letters.

If you need write me aneta.aki(at)gmail

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