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Birthday wishes / jokes in Polish?

squirtle 2 | 4    
4 Apr 2012  #1

Cześć my grandads birthdays coming up. He's Polish and in his 90's. He's always very impressed when I write his birthday card out in Polish.

The only problem is I've been writing the same basic thing for the past few years.
Does anyone have any different /creative ways of saying happy birthday and well wishing in Polish.
(Is there a Polish moonpig)
(are there any good Polish birthday jokes)
Many Thanks

Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550    
5 Apr 2012  #2

Can't think of any birthday jokes in Polish suitable for a Polish granddad in his 90s, so just a more straightforward greeting:

Kochany Dzadunio -- wszystkiego najlepszego z okzaji urodzin, dużo radości, dobrego zdrowia, pogody ducha, pociechy z dzieci, wnuków i prawnuków oraz obfitych łask Bożych życzy Ci Twój kochający wnuk..... (and your name).

I presume someone in his 90 must have grandchildren and great-grandchidren.
pawian 127 | 6,556    
5 Apr 2012  #3

(are there any good Polish birthday jokes)


Nie żałuj sobie w życiu niczego: ani słodkiego, ani procentowego. Jedz, pij i popuszczaj pasa! Niech ci się wiedzie jak za króla Sasa! Olej trudności, wszelkie zmartwienia. Ode mnie przyjmij najlepsze życzenia!,Smieszne-zyczenia-urodzinowe
Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550    
6 Apr 2012  #4

Dunno if introducing the mortality motif is apporpairte for a 90+-year-old, but here goes anyway: You be the judge:
Zdrowia, szczęścia, forsy, chelba - a po śmierci myk do nieba!
OP squirtle 2 | 4    
14 Apr 2012  #5

Thanks Polonius, I'm not sure if I'm translating that well, how would you translate it in English. (I've tried it in google translate again but it doesn't make complete sense, as usual)
Des Essientes 7 | 1,296    
14 Apr 2012  #6

Cześć my grandads birthdays coming up. He's Polish and in his 90's.

are there any good Polish birthday jokes

My grandmother is turning 93 this year and she recently told me that, given the many years in her age, she was considering rounding it down and celebrating her 90th birthday over again this year, and I told her that she shouldn't do this because we've been singing the traditional Polish birthday song, stolat, to her all these years and, since the song expresses the wish that she live to be 100, it would be foolish to set herself back another three more years. Perhaps you could joke with your grandfather in this vein and tell him that if he keeps on trucking you're going to have to change the lyrics to stolat or find another birthday song altogether and that this inconveniences you.
14 Apr 2012  #7

Życzę Ci wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji Twoich urodziń a jeszcze szczęśliwych długich lat!
15 Apr 2012  #8

To people who are equal or over a hundred years of age, the song in Poland goes: Dwieście lat, dwieście lat; niech żyje, żyje nam ....

To people who will be equal or over two hundred years of age, I don't know, but it might just go like that: Trzysta lat, trzysta lat; niech żyje, żyje nam ...
OP squirtle 2 | 4    
15 Apr 2012  #9

Hi Des Essientes, I like that idea, I think it would go down well. Have you noticed the acceptance of mortality seems to be more relaxed amongst Poles. It's not always such popular topic in Britain

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