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Tips and advice for learners of the Polish language. Covers grammar and other language questions. (page 8)

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Applying for a Polish football website - translation question?
6 - That's what I assumed. Thanks for confirming....

LanguageWielkiPolak - 10 Sep 2015 WielkiPolak - 11 Sep 2015
Collins Intermediate Level Audio Course in Polish
The 'sneeze' word - it has double meaning in Polish??
Ambulans displacing karetka - similar meaning of different Polish words?
× Sentences: stół z powyłamywanymi nogami / Nasi przodkowie na mchu jadali
Polish dative case: Why do you use "mu" in this sentence instead of "go"
Need some Polish language help.....with a twist!  2
39 - Merged: Polish Language pronouncation lessons (with a twist) Contains foul language :D ...

LanguageShadyMarkus - 20 Feb 2012 NocyMrok - 16 Aug 2015
"Szurszewski" - How to pronounce my last name correctly?
7 - Nope, just "Shoorshevski"...

Languageoulton9 - 10 Nov 2011 Wulkan - 9 Aug 2015
How do you write and pronounce "carry on" as in "continue" in Polish?
Why is the Polish language so difficult?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Zmarła czy zdechła? What is proper to say in Polish in a case of an animal death?
12 - It is correct....

LanguagePolonius3 - 30 Jul 2015 Wulkan - 31 Jul 2015
The lost literary languages of Poland  2
Polish word 'musisz' = need in English? What about 'potrzebujesz'?
Pimsleur v Rosetta stone
Polish B1 certificate
Am I being detained? Equivalent phrase in Polish language.
Dopalacze meaning? A designer or booster drug?
How to know what level of Polish you have e.g. pre-intermediate
15 - Hoped it answered your query:-)...

Languageadbut - 9 Jul 2015 Lyzko - 10 Jul 2015
Devoicing of Polish consonants not always correct?
Trying to Figure Out a Polish Logo (STO...?)
Foreigners speaking Polish - examples.  2
Why Genitive instead of Accusative in Polish language?
Advanced Polish language learning - how? Looking for ideas.
Przypadki (Polish language cases)  2
Polish word "Dom" and its similarities in different languages  2
Bought "Rosetta Stone" software and trying to learn Polish...  2
Weekend vs Łikend
Which is harder: Pole learning Russian or Russian learning Polish language?  2
57 - Thanx! It means a lot to me since I'm totally self-taught. Should be "where" :) ...

Languagewhitopian1 - 19 Sep 2012 NocyMrok - 11 Jun 2015
Polish or any Slavic language key to any other Slavic languages?  2  3  4  5
Interesting Polish tongue twister.  2
50 - ... ;) Something that weighs 999999 kilos: ... ;) Correction: ... I think...

Languagejagiellonia - 12 Dec 2006 NocyMrok - 3 Jun 2015
Want to learn Polish, already know some.
GCSE Polish experience.  2
The OPPOSITE of Polish diminutives
The differences between these words: Oni plywaja / plyna / biegaja /biegna /chodza /ida
Is math in Polish different than in English?  2
Usage of Polish Instrumental Case?
22 - Hi No1 Widzielismy go pijanego No2 jak mozna byc tak leniwym No3 Znalismy go pijanym...

Languagepatryk_sudol - 4 Oct 2007 Justyna111 - 30 Apr 2015
Could someone please translate a couple of sections of this movie?
How to learn the pronunciation of the Polish language?
How to pronunce the Polish name "Aronszajn"
3 - Thanks for your help. Indeed it is a Jewish name. ( He came to the US in 1948 but...

Languageuser420700 - 16 Apr 2015 user420700 - 16 Apr 2015
Pronunciation of English abbreviations in Poland
12 - Classic examples are 'veep' (VIP) and 'oofoh' (UFO)....

LanguageFlaglessPole - 23 Aug 2010 jon357 - 8 Apr 2015
Difference between że and iż ?
Polish Language Learning Links  2
Synonyms in Polish - anonymous survey for a student.
I want the audiobooks called "Zaczynam Mowic Po Polsku "
Polish language test, NATO Stanag 6001 format.
Cheesy pick up lines in Polish language?
Wesołego Alleluja or Wesołych Świąt?
Consonant voicing and devoicing - Upodobnienia pod względem dźwięczności
Rodziny wychowawczo niewydolne?
3 - I finally settled for dysfunctional -- that' s convenient catch 22!...

LanguagePolonius3 - 22 Mar 2015 Polonius3 - 22 Mar 2015
Does this phrase mean anything to you in Polish? "Up to you" while drinking.
How are names in Polish " nicknamed "?
10 - Yep, that's what I figured:-)...

LanguagePiatek - 28 Feb 2015 Lyzko - 14 Mar 2015
by, aby, żeby differences?
Podcasts in Polish at higher levels than beginner
obydwoma - obydwiema?
Polish grammar, are these sentences correct? Najnowszy film kustariki ...
Does pronunciation in Polish get easier with time?
A Polish sentence which is hard to speak in Poland (about a "worm")
Kurwa? at end of every sentence  2
"Do you drink vodka?" (generally, not NOW) equals "pijesz wódke?" in Polish?
First post, not sure how to translate "to" in a sentence, or which case to use following it.

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