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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market. (page 8)

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Job consideration in Warsaw - what would be my expenses in case I move here?
Average salary to live&work in Wrocław? Local Credit Suisse opinions.  2
Salaries in corporations vs elsewhere in Poland; interview procedures
Internships in Warsaw for non-Polish speakers? Area of logistics / supply chain management preferably
Tax saving options in Poland
Is an US born physician able to practice medicine in Poland? Currently practicing in USA.
3 - Merged: How to find job in Poland as a Doctor with MD from Belarus Hi, I am...

Workartbasia - 23 Nov 2014 Doctor - 20 Jan 2015
Where to Find People for a start-up (web development) project in Poland?
Poczta Polska equivelant of "c/o" (care of)?
Can a sole trader employ himself (or have staff) in Poland?
8 - thanks a lot Merged: Employ yourself in your own company I had a few conversations about this...

WorkMarianoescobedo - 11 Nov 2014 Marianoescobedo - 11 Nov 2014
Finding a paid internship for non Polish speaking international student - Sri Lanka. (International Business)
Outsourcing software dev work to Poland - what's your experience?
Working in Poland currently - how to find job in Germany?
5 - Just apply for the jobs offers presented here:

Workravd - 8 Nov 2014 Monitor - 11 Dec 2016
Cancel polish Work permit? I got offer from Germany.
6 - Thank you so much for the reply....

Workmsp4pol - 8 Nov 2014 msp4pol - 8 Nov 2014
Part time work / Web Developer job in Poland
Is it worth for a 27 yo game artist to move from Moscow to Katowice?
14 - search for this

Worksweetheart_666 - 6 Nov 2014 bolekilolek - 11 Nov 2014
Storage Admin 3 years experience in field IT - salary in Poland  2
What is the scope of computer programing in Poland (job related)
Chances of working in Poland as an IT System / Server Administrator? ( I have 3 years experience )
Does anybody know about franchise in Poland?
Moving back to Poland after 8 years in the UK (19 years old, currently studying HND in Business & Management)
Suggestions for starting a business in Poland ( I have 50/60,000 USD )  2
Are there any jobs for Americans in Poland?
29 - Dominic I've spent years in Poland as my whole family is there so im keenly aware of what the...

WorkChicabonita92 - 29 Sep 2014 Dirk diggler - 29 Dec 2017
HCL Krakow job offer, is 3700 PLN net enough to live on?
9 - Thanks a lot guys for your help :)...

WorkMarius27 - 24 Sep 2014 Marius27 - 29 Sep 2014
What are Research Scientists earning in Poland?
Salary of a Procurement Junior Specialist in Warszawa? (Warsaw)
3 - Thanks a lot!...

Workmarso89 - 17 Sep 2014 marso89 - 17 Sep 2014
Do I need English certification like Toefl or IELTs for Poland's Work Visa?
Claiming Income Taxes in Poland
12 - In Poland it's effectively opposite....

Workj71 - 10 Sep 2014 Monitor - 11 Sep 2014
Is it difficult finding a job for Japanese people in Warsaw? Have you seen Japanese people working here?
12 - Majority dream about a trip to Japan but vey few are keen to learn the language ;)...

WorkErykazh - 10 Sep 2014 peter_olsztyn - 17 Dec 2016
English in Polish kindergarten - methods and games.
I am a graphic designer. Is Poland a good country to come to and work?
Call Centers in Krakow that Need Danish or Swedish Speakers ?
Obtaining a Certificate of coverage for Social Security Benefits from ZUS; US citizen working as self-employed
What are the chances of getting a part-time job for an Egyptian who's coming to study and live in Poland?  2
Is it possible/difficult to find a job in Poland for Ukrainian citizen? (B.A. in English)
13 - you can apply to Emirates or QATAR :)...

WorkNut - 21 Aug 2014 dariadud - 26 Jan 2016
Moving to Poland, what documents do I need? I will be teaching English
15 - Teaching English, got loads of interviews for schools....

Worksaul - 30 Jul 2014 saul - 30 Jul 2014
What is a good monthly salary for an English teacher in Poland?  2  3  4  5
urgent help with umowa - my boss wants to cancel the contract before 1 month notice period expires
Is it a good sign if a school seems desperate to hire me? Small town Kęty
The pros and cons of working at a small Language school ( Tarnowskie Gory )
Opening new college of computer science in Poland - how can I find lecturers?
I am currently working in Dubai and have an opportunity to move to Gdansk, should I take it up?
Will I be paid anything by ZUS for taking paternity leave? I am self employed
5 - Not necessarily, I am sure if you go to local ZUS office and explain that in the UK...

Workanotherforeigne - 16 Jul 2014 Avalon - 16 Jul 2014
How can I find a job in Poland especially in Warsaw? I am from China, I have polish wife.
Career as an English teacher in Warsaw Poland
Muslim woman in Poland trying to get a job (do Poles like hiring 'different' people?)
Language Teachers - do you feel respected in Poland?  2  3
Job offer in Wroclaw / Krakow - which city to choose?
What is the job situation like in Poland? I am thinking of moving to find work
I have 2 job offers, should I choose Lodz or Krakow ??
Work Permit / Salary in Krakow - Poland
Is it possible to work whilst studying in Poland?
Jobs for a Native English Speaker in Konin Area?
Finding English teaching jobs in Poland
Career/work opportunities in Poland for a guy with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology?
5 - Uh, I guess I forgot to mention that I am not looking for a job in the clinical sector....

WorkEthanolbrah - 29 May 2014 Ethanolbrah - 30 May 2014
Relocating to Krakow on 14th June. Need some info about expenses for remaining days in June.
7 - Looks fair and according to our estimate. Thanks Monitor!...

WorkToKrakow - 26 May 2014 ToKrakow - 26 May 2014
Is it possible to pay tax yearly on a few one off payments to my account?
3 - yes Is it possible to pay tax on these i ahve do it and it work very fine...

WorkHotandsweaty2 - 23 May 2014 mrs_rita2011 - 25 May 2014
Questions regarding Job Opportunity in Warsaw as an IT Business Analyst
3 - Merged: 4500 PLN gross offer in Lodz, entry level BA position, good offer? Hello, I have...

Workbluechamp - 19 May 2014 temporaryuser11 - 25 Jan 2017
PHP Web Developer needing to move to Poland, chances of finding work in this field?
Scope for working in Poland after completion of Masters In Environmental Engineering?
6 - I will not agree with that as dealing with EPA in the state of nj is not the...

WorkOswinantony - 13 May 2014 Dont gag me yo - 14 May 2014
Possibilities of working in Warsaw for an Industrial design engineer?

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