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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market. (page 7)

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Cost of living in Warsaw with two kids
What website do you use to seek multinational job opportunities in Poland?
Job opportunities for junior actuary in Poland???
Does Poland welcome overseas workers as much as the UK does?  2
Job as summer intern in a high end Polish restaurant/ hotel
Possibly changing jobs in Lodz - higher salary
Hewlett-Packard salary expectation in Lodz
Mobile phones reparing with accessories - how good is this business in Warsaw, Poland?
Where can I find a fax machine for public use in Poznan?
What is a physician assistant salary in Poland?
Moving to Lublin from the UK - any financial assitance, benefits or free healthcare available in Poland?
Entrepreneur Tax in Poland - which type: progressive, flat, lump-sum or fixed amount tax is best for me?
Working as a contractor in Poland - Non EU citizen and an one-man business
Has anyone had experience of teaching with Berlitz Poland?
20 - thats because u r INGLIS TICHUR! ! !...

WorkCanadian2222 - 8 Apr 2015 Deepak Malhotra - 30 May 2016
Job Security in Poland
Polish Australian, civil/hydraulic engineer, experience with programming in C++, is looking for work in Warsaw
Moving to Poland to work installing fire sprinkler systems
Merchant marine job advice for a Polish citizen (Poland or other countries)
3 - Thank you Looker. I will check out those suggestions and see what I can find....

Workseaturtle - 23 Mar 2015 seaturtle - 24 Mar 2015
I'm retired teacher, age 69 - I want to teach English in Poland voluntarily, in return for Polish language
Jobs in Poland - when do employers hire workers from abroad?
English teaching or English language preschool in Poland?
15 - 6 PLN/hour?...

WorkPolonius3 - 16 Mar 2015 Roger5 - 21 Aug 2015
Planning to come Study, Work and Live in Poland. Securing a job and residency after graduation?
The politics of companies in Poland about providing a relocation package for foreign workers?
NIP 7 Polish tax registration form translated to English
Possible lifestyle in Poland? Job offer - 12K to 13K PLN.  2
40 - Thankslaot Chemikiem...

Workfgonzalez - 19 Feb 2015 sohaib291 - 9 Sep 2016
Typical Post - A good salary in Rybnik - 3000 for part time in finance?
Advice on attending business professionals events? Warsaw, Poland
Salary in Gdansk at a multinational Company, junior position, with Hungarian language
Resign from current work (60 days notice period) after receiving job offer in Poland (work permit in 2 months)
Salary: 24,000zl a month - how much I will I have after tax in Poland?
2000 zloty in Katowice as a teacher - worth moving there?  2
Model agencies in Krakow?
Salary for Business Internship Position in Poland?
Is there any search engine in Poland? Like Google? Yahoo? On-line business
Can I take accreditation easily in Poland?
Do workers in Poland have to pay ZUS, social security and other salary deductions? Brutto Netto exceptions
Cafes suitable for internet based working in Krakow?
Lionbridge company in Warsaw, negative reviews?
What is the salary of a cleaner in queen boutique hotel in Krakow or in any other restaurant or hotel?
17 - which part of these answers is useless ?...

Workfranticboy - 23 Jan 2015 cms - 12 Nov 2015
Looking for a Job Non-EU living in Lodz
Salary expectation for a Junior java developer in Krakow / Warsaw Poland?
Senior Java - Information About Salary in Poland - Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw - 3k usd/month
Working in Warsaw as a Oracle DBA / IT manager - what's the best salary that I can get?  2
Questions about moving from UK to Poland - work, taxes, child benefit
30 - oh yes I had a friend with parental obligations who did it part time....

WorkMcFly - 15 Jan 2015 rozumiemnic - 20 Jan 2015
Moving Wroclaw/ Salary negotiations as a senior research engineer with PHD
Translation Company in Poland - would it be profitable here?
Mobile Food Cart Business - can I expect any profits? Do I need some special permission from government?
Malpractice Insurance price in Poland - I'll be working as an intern doctor
Thinking of working or investing in Poland (Think AGAIN!) Experience and attitude of British toward Poland.  2  3
Import/Export Business - leather made, surgical and sports products. Will it be successful in Poland?
15 - @Billy Plz contact me at ‭‭+48 532 175 376‬‬...

Workshy123 - 8 Jan 2015 Bill634 - 12 Sep 2018
Overtime no honoured by employer in Poland
British living in Poland - looking for work?
Security/Defence Analyst/Consultancy work in Poland
Job in Poland for MBA
Warsaw - General Employment Situation for French man focusing on Business Development B2B and HR/Recruitment
100,000 PLN (per year) in Krakow - Is it enough for a couple to survive on?
Life of Foreigners in Warsaw - salary (supply chain specialist; logistics), monthly expenses
IT specialist from Turkey, is it possible for me to get work permit?
Salary Expectation for HCL Senior JAVA Developer with 4 years experience in Poland  2  3
66 - @Harry84 Hi Hari .. I am 27 single guy with 4.5 years of IT experience . I have...

Workpatsuyash - 13 Dec 2014 thecodergeek - 17 Sep 2017
Business for Foreigners - possible to make a small project in Poland?

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