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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market. (page 6)

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Recruitement Process / Interview with an IT company in Poland
Poland job (senior development / compliance officer from India) - need an advice
Signing a contract by email with a large company in Poland
3 - Hello Samuel; can you please check your inbox?...

WorkSamuel2015 - 1 Oct 2015 bakkalgazi - 4 Oct 2015
English teachers in Poland - why are they so unhappy?  2
Income tax for remote workers in Poland
Expected costs for students work in Poland
Lang Company fired me
Senior Game Developer in Warsaw Offer - Questions
Career Options for ExPats in Poland? English native speaker from Los Angeles.
Snow Plowing in Poland - is it a worthwhile job?
Job offer in IT company ( Wroclaw ) - help needed
Should I take a job as: publisher's editor in Athens / English teacher in Krakow / Italy?
Help and Guidance needed on Poland Work and Move. Gdansk, Senior Management role salary.
Cost of living in Lodz, is 2450-6400 PLN salary enough?
I want to pay someone in Poland to work remotely for my UK business. Should they become self employed?
Is moving from Moscow to Wroclaw worth it? (.NET software developer)  2
Salary Categories in Poland
11 - Thank you very much for all this information....

WorkNewbie27 - 17 Aug 2015 Newbie27 - 18 Aug 2015
Checking Docs duration by company in Poland (diploma, transcript and passport copy)
Do I need a Health Insurance? Freelancer in Poland (umowa o dzielo)
Freelance psychologist in Poland - least admin possible? Tax registration method.
Is it possible for me to work as an EMT while studying in Poland?
I am from India - how difficult is to find a job in Poland?
11 - A crude racial stereotype, but funny....

Workzapacvergain78 - 6 Aug 2015 Roger5 - 6 Aug 2015
Cost of living in Gdańsk, average salary for experienced software engineer in Poland  2  3
Temporary assignment to Krakow as a Test Analyst (IT QA) - salary 8800 gross and possible savings
What is the job market situation (high technology field) in Poland?
Opinion and advice on Foodtruck business in Poland. Permits, renting organization.
New business start-up in Poland - opinions and ideas  2
What salary can be asked at IBM Poland?  2  3
How to find a job in Geology field? (Poland)
Italian lawyer - what are the possibilities to work in Poland?
Jobs in the field of electronics in Poland? I have an engineering degree.
Finnish graduate (master in industrial management) looking for a career start in Poland
IT job offer from Wroclaw - advice on flats needed and other questions about Poland
Poland seeking more natural English speakers  2
There are English speaking jobs in Poland.
First English teaching job in Poland (Katowice)  2  3
Gross Salary & ZUS in Poland (2,500 Euro per month). Getting paid ZUS back?
How to get a giving out leaflet jobs in Poland (Poznan)?
Paying taxes - better to register as self-employed here in Poland?
Electronic invoicing service in Poland for businesses? E-invoices (e-faktury)
Have a job in America ($100K a year) - should I move back to Poland?
Salary for Test Engineer in Krakow. 5500 gross - is this a normal salary for testers in Poland?
Authenticity of offer in Poland (admin / cashier vacancies in shopping malls)
Warsaw vs Krakow vs Wroclaw - which city offers more job opportunities for foreigners in Poland?
What are the job opportunities in Poland for a young Italian with a law degree?  2  3
Job prospects in Warsaw, Poland with top-10 MBA
25 - NO....

WorkPolishMBA1 - 24 Jun 2015 Cargo pants - 2 Mar 2021
How much does the employer pay in tax, ZUS, etc. for a worker who gets minimum wage in Poland?
3 - Thank you very much....

WorkKarl1983 - 21 Jun 2015 Karl1983 - 22 Jun 2015
CELTA or TEFL for a job in Poland?
I have a contract with a Norwegian company as a sub-contractor not an employee, I want to live in Poland
What would be expected salary for software developer in Wroclaw, Poland?
What kind of CV for a job in a multinational company in Poland; Europass or traditional one? Address problems.
19 - @cms neuf Thank you...

Workitalian - 26 May 2015 podrozny - 29 Aug 2021
Information on teaching English in Poland - Bielsko-Biała, Slaskie region. What are the possibilities here?
Got a Job Offer in Poland but a 3 month Visa and Probation Period concerns me
Taxes for Freelancer in Poland - do I pay income taxes to Poland or my home country?
Help on Relocation and Accommodation Info in Krakow - African guy
Salary in Gdansk (multinational IT based company)
Are Indian dental qualifications recognised in Poland?
Automotive engineers in Poland. Are they highly skilled?
B2B (business to business) vs normal employment contract in Poland
Why English Teachers stay long term in Poland

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