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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market. (page 17)

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Job situation for hairdressers or barbers in Poland
4 - It isn`t too good. I decided to grow my hair really long....

Workphillips - 29 Aug 2010 pawian - 30 Aug 2010
I know 4 languages and am moving to Warsaw by next year, jobs advice?
Getting an entertainment Gig in Poland - how to go about it?
Self employed teacher, what do you think about this?
European Union and living/working in Poland
Quality of IT educations (Computer Science) in Poland vs. other countries
From the USA, is it hard to study in Poland?  2
What am I allowed to say about a company on the Internet without getting sued
Moving for TEFL job to Poland, what can I expect?
Private teaching and Polish law
The qualifications of a Polish doctor
10 - primary care...

WorkPolskaDoll - 25 Jul 2010 rybnik - 30 Mar 2012
Negotiating a decent contract. Setting boundaries with employers in Poland
7 - The key stage is in the preliminary part. Beyond that, it's a HARD slog....

WorkRogalski - 24 Jul 2010 Seanus - 25 Jul 2010
Studing IT (information) in Szczecin - some questions
2 - Their website isn't working?....

Workhuby07 - 22 Jul 2010 Tlum - 29 Jul 2010
Not so good schools (information for teachers in Poland)
Resignation fee in Poland - any way to avoid it?
Mechanical engineer born in Poland, grew up the States. Go back to PL. How?
Wage and Salary rates in Poland  2
From Malaysia and I'm about to study in Poland ...advice please
4 - Glad to hear that..thank you... :) thanks so much Sokrates. I'm learning to cook here in...

WorkDrSmartyPants - 10 Jul 2010 DrSmartyPants - 11 Jul 2010
Some opinions about current pay rates (normal pay per hour for housekeeping in Poland)...
Studying in Poland in Polish or English? I need a better option.
Work Permits and dependants for US citizen (hired by a school in Poland)
Professional development for teachers? the options in Poland?
Study (M.SC microbiology) and part time work in Poland
How is the Warsaw job opportunities for international students?  2
Minimum basic salary in Poland  2  3  4
Where to study: Krakow or Wroclaw?
Opus Dei opens school in Warsaw
21 - I imagine that that would have been bleeding from a different place....

Workpoland_ - 29 May 2010 Harry - 18 Jan 2011
I am researching the way Design Techology Textiles is taught in Poland
Potential work and new life for Native English speakers in Warsaw
Internship programs in Warsaw? Informatics, Computer Engineering
Trojmiasto Job Forecast in Five Years
8 - yes if you old enough but if not then you might end on Russian front...

Workkrakuskabanos - 18 May 2010 Marek11111 - 21 May 2010
KFC or Mc Donalds, do you need a resident card to work here?
19 - I.M.O. ;-)...

WorkOmar - 14 May 2010 ShawnH - 14 May 2010
Quiet Place to teach English in Krakow ?
24 - Not necessarily. Many other jobs require knowledge of English....

WorkEnglishTeacher - 12 May 2010 sa11y - 6 Jan 2013
Girl looking for job speaking English apart from teaching English. Ideas?
30 - hi may you contact with me on Hudaqa@yahoo Thanks Huda Al-Hariri Kuwait...

WorkJJBUZIAK - 9 May 2010 Hudaqa - 20 Apr 2011
Taxes in Poland if working for American company?
Study in Poland to learn Polish language?
10 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Worksamnslon - 6 May 2010 gumishu - 13 Mar 2017
I got a job in Krakow for 3500 zl it ok ?  2
The most popular job (and not only) advertising sites in Poland?  2
Software Engineer in Wroclaw. Reasonable salary for this position?
CPAs in Poland?
No English Speaking Jobs in Poland...At All?  2
How much is a salary of a travel agency employee in Warsaw, Poland?
How to study Information Technology, work and live in Poland?
Argentinian wants to study in Poland. What's the best place?
A few questions for regarding EU and Poland - worker registration
8 - Thank you very much for the answers. They helped me a lot! God Bless....

WorkSpaceman77 - 14 Apr 2010 Spaceman77 - 14 Apr 2010
CV for polish job market
Poland IT jobs websites?
Polish MD degree; is it the same as MMed?
Qualifications - Mgr Title on my business card?
English classes in Polish? (college)
Teach English or Swedish in Poland
Are Educational Documents from 3rd World Immigrants Scrutinised?
Whats the job and school market like in Warsaw?
English teaching books in Poland: villains and heroes
29 - I think Empik does.........

WorkTrevek - 21 Mar 2010 Dougpol1 - 8 Feb 2016
Driving jobs in Poland. (HGV and bus/coach)
11 - A driver recruitment website?...

WorkdaveyM - 20 Mar 2010 jon357 - 16 Jan 2018
Canadian working in Poland? How do I go my taxes?
ftp program used in Poland?
4 - any properly written- yes, will work....

Workbluebowling - 17 Mar 2010 RubasznyRumcajs - 17 Mar 2010
Warning - InterCollege - Teachers beware

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