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Learn about the nuances of relationships with Polish men or women. Dating tips and marriage advice. No ads! (page 7)

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Are polish guys open to go out with other races?
Need help/advice polish girl :( British and Polish girl relationship.
Are Polish girls open to foreigners?  2  3
Why are Polish men so scared of women?
8 - Some of us women are more afraid of babies than men are....

LoveLuvie - 24 Jun 2012 WatWat - 26 Jun 2012
For PF's Many Lovelorn Seekers of Amour
× "Marian" complex of Polish women
16 - oh she's fine... but she's been spending too much time on PF :)...

LoveRealPole - 13 Jun 2012 strzyga - 13 Jun 2012
Mexican girl in love with a Polish guy
8 - and no tacos pls...maybe rice and beens wot I miss a lot in Poland:)...

Loveari cookie - 13 Jun 2012 MoOli - 15 Jun 2012
Very disappointed in Polish women. They prefer Spanish men.
24 - Now that you put it that way lol It doesn't feel like 30 hahaha...

Lovewladyslaw - 11 Jun 2012 rybnik - 14 Jun 2012
Dating in Poland not able to speak Polish
24 - Just take this advice from The Man....

LoveTKuku - 8 Jun 2012 Dougpol1 - 2 Feb 2018
It is more fun to have sex in Polish than in English. Discuss.
Polish girls call themselves sensitive and easily to be hurt, but how if they hurt others  2
Strange Polish Girl.
Can Polish men date with Chinese women?
Mixed Race Relationships (Polish guy married a Filipino/Spanish)
Advice on how to make this Polish girl see me as more than a friend
What am i to do knowing i can't get to see my Polish daughter
How to read the signals from this Polish Guy?
Polish women and birth control
Married to a Polish girl in The Netherlands and residing with her here as well
help needed to warn off troublesome pole
Do Polish people like Scottish people (friendship or relationship with a Scot)?
Do Polish couples have children outside wedlock ?
When will Poland put children first?
Polish women and foreign men  2  3
Prevention of child abduction by Polish mother.  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
Behavioral study says Poland has the lowest sexual dimorphism
E-marriage - how successful among Poles?
Anglo-bride at left? Polish bride at right?
9 - The customs and traditions in that matter are not strictly followed now....

LovePolonius3 - 7 Mar 2012 Alligator - 7 Mar 2012
Bicultural marriage between Mexican and Polish HELP
Indian wife wants divorce from her Polish husband just after two months.  2
28 - Hey there... Did you find what you were looking for?...

Lovepolishdoc - 29 Feb 2012 Victoriaanna - 8 Sep 2013
'Seks po polsku' - the sex lives of Poles:  2
Polish girls want to be dominated. Fact?  2  3
63 - hey guy seems ur wrong to me u lost her when u spent time apart...

LoveChrisMac - 19 Feb 2012 jjjmm - 26 Apr 2012
Getting married in Poland (papers stating we are eligible to get married?) Certificate of no impediment.
More loveless sex of Poles living in the regained lands  2  3
Valentines Day & Polish men  2  3
Polish Wedding Blessing
Living with a Polish man, but he has a drinking problem?  2
What do I need to know as an American about a Polish man?
Why marriage ring on the right hand finger in Poland?
11 - I'm engaged to a German, I'm English, my rings on my right hand to...

Lovecalcedonia - 2 Feb 2012 LeaYork - 23 Feb 2019
Why do Polish girls and women look at me in a flirty way?  2
44 - There's your answer....

Lovemauritius_2302 - 26 Jan 2012 Filios1 - 19 Aug 2012
Is it acceptable for a Polish male to have a German girlfriend?  2
I met a Polish girl lately, easy come easy go?
× Any Polish Muslim girls living in Poland?  2  3  4
Child support in USA order (child born in Poland)  2
56 - You can always sell them for a good price....

Lovebourdainab - 22 Jan 2012 Toro - 4 Sep 2013
Problem with a brutal American guy (now I live in Poland)  2  3
First date in krakow
Want to know the way I can marry my lovely Polish girl in Poland
8 - In Poland, only ONE wife per customer, thank you:)...

Lovedhananjaya - 10 Jan 2012 Lyzko - 26 Jul 2017
My PL GF wants name on bills, morgage, and business  2
35 - And how do you know that he's lying?...

Lovemaster - 10 Jan 2012 Nickidewbear - 31 Oct 2012
Confused about a Pole in the closet?
Dating a Polish guy. Do they cheat and have multiple women?  2
My Polish wife got married to me but she's still not in love?  2
Finding a Polish girl for mariage (Sweden)?
Problem with my Polish boyfriend  2  3
74 - Why would I tell him that?...

Lovedrew123 - 29 Dec 2011 Dreamergirl - 19 Jul 2016
Malaysian Girl with Polish Guy... any chance together?
16 - Yes! I heard about such relationship....

Loveniana - 25 Dec 2011 pawian - 10 Oct 2012
Experience of Irish-Polish wedding in Warsaw?
8 - Hi, If You are still looking for a car to be driven in Warsaw, meaby You would like to...

Loveup and at them - 18 Dec 2011 danielos - 11 Jan 2012
My reaction to a thread against foreigners marrying Polish girls  2
Polish wife making more money than husband - does it bother you?
Want to ask a Polish girl out?
I have a crush on a Polish boy ~

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