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Learn about the nuances of relationships with Polish men or women. Dating tips and marriage advice. No ads! (page 5)

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Polish women are angel
How to find a Polish girl for marriage?
Goal of young Polish girls
9 - Its everyone's goal, not just Polish girls....

LoveMicah - 18 Aug 2013 Lodz_The_Boat - 19 Aug 2013
Polish Man being with English Woman - he insists on paying for EVERYTHING  2
Adultery- Is it ok for Polish women  2
Age difference in Dating a Polish - Is it ok for Man 27years to date Polish Lady 39years?
19 - Of course. A lot of younger males dream about such relationships....

LoveLovePolishLady - 29 Jul 2013 pawian - 3 Jul 2020
I love a Polish girl, but I don't want her to drink  2
My Polish wife went out the other night and didnt come home till the next day
Which is better option? Any Indian - Polish couple experience
About Marriage agencies In Poland
20 - @Emran Polygamy isn't allowed in Poland. Try Sweden instead....

Loveswissi - 18 Jul 2013 Poloniusz - 25 Feb 2021
Divorce case in Polish court
I Love a Polish Girl (I'm from India)
Are Polish girls better cooks?  2
Cheated on... instead of the PL boyfriend the other lover announced it on FB?
Polish Farm Women  2
Polish Ex Con Man! HELP!
Polish girls are so nice.. they like dancing, flirting, and have fun
11 - Polish girls like all type of men. Then they are cheating...

LoveFederico - 13 Jun 2013 BoooYa - 12 Nov 2018
Asking her family for permission to propose to my Polish girlfriend?
28 - Asking GF father for permission is like asking the owner if you could use his car....

Lovedavid_91 - 10 Jun 2013 RubasznyRumcajs - 27 Jul 2017
NEED A POLISH WIFE - how to hook me up?
Girlfriend visiting Poland without me concerns
7 - Hmm alright well thank you man....

LoveSunlake8 - 6 Jun 2013 Sunlake8 - 7 Jun 2013
Fun date ideas in Wroclaw
Fresh, wholesome country lass in Poland - getting married and going back to the US  2  3  4  5  6
english girl struggling with polish boyfriend's friends
Do Polish men date black women??  2  3
Asking Polish parents for permission to propose to my Polish girlfriend - help
What should I do for my polish boyfriend? We met in China.
wife says she is going to leave me and go back to poland with brother
English man dating Polish lady
English women and polish man who ran off with my life savings
A Polish wedding for a typical couple getting married in Poland
Wedding in Poland, Bydgoszcz Ideas!
6 - You are exaggerating a little :) They will just think What a freaks hosts are?...

LoveVincent_L - 21 Apr 2013 peter_olsztyn - 23 Apr 2013
Have been living with my Polish girlfriend. Moving the relationship forward, what now?
18 - I think you need to ask her that question, after all its you who is the one who...

Lovekerekenos - 2 Apr 2013 Patrycja19 - 7 Apr 2013
Have no idea what kind of flowers to get to my Polish girlfriend's mother
Polish Weddings - what to wear, gifts, confetti, traditions
What's a premarital medical check up in Poland?
My Polish wife's family hate me. Maybe it is because I'm black. Advice needed.  2  3
83 - Parenting. Your sense of entitlement is disturbing....

Loveifex13 - 20 Mar 2013 Vox - 18 Aug 2015
ACCEPTABLE modest wear for Polish women?  2
Mosque and Catholic Church Wedding in Poland. Is That Possible?
Books about Polish girls
Dating Polish Women I'm attracted to. Any Advice?
11 - It depends on the man. edited...

LoveEnJaySee - 24 Feb 2013 Dreamergirl - 31 Aug 2016
Marrying a Polish divorcee - no church wedding?
My Polish GF cheating on me? need polish speakers help in the conversation
17 - blood alcoholics all I can say wait till you get married....

Loveunited_fan28 - 21 Feb 2013 Ironside - 21 Feb 2013
Getting married in Poland. Lenght of a pre-marriage course in Poland?
4 - I got married in Poland 3 1/2 years ago, it's not that difficult. from the UK I needed a...

Loveedwardmulhern - 14 Feb 2013 skibum1964 - 14 Feb 2013
× Why a polish girl would prefer a relationship with a foreign man?
Buying alcohol in Warsaw Poland for wedding, advice needed, wine, vodka, beer, spirits
15 - I seem to remember that you need to have a licence to buy alcohol in bulk, especially if...

Loveup an at them - 12 Feb 2013 delphiandomine - 6 Apr 2017
Troubled relationship - is it because I'm Polish or should I blame it on his moustache?
My Polish Relationship Marriage ..story to be told. [USA/PL]  2
34 - this story you told is REAL LIFE happening everyday all over Poland...

LoveSeanSmartsNY - 7 Feb 2013 Mark2001 - 22 Feb 2013
Are all women in Warsaw opposed to short term friendship?
Polish Wedding...namely mine. What is the cost?  2
Advice I am American! What does it mean a Polish female/women touches and rubs her nose?  2
33 - She's hungry. Bring her some food....

LoveConanD - 31 Jan 2013 Grzegorz_ - 23 Apr 2013
Polish Catholic girl - do you have the same relationship problem as me?
Polish men :( demand forgiveness  2
Annoying sister-in-law of my Polish hubby
Family Friend Daughter from Poland and I started talking (long distance)
Marriage with a polish woman - Heaven or Forever Hell ?  2
Do you think these renowned Poles are hot?  2  3  4
What to answer to the Most annoying phrase that EVERY and EACH polish girl always says?  2
× Polish woman and black/mixed-race guy......  2
Polish women care about traditional values  2
polish gf doesnt wanna kiss and hug me at her home,normal or not?

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